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MMU Seasons
The MMU near river   MMU with front panel open

The first prototype of the mini-mobile unit was deployed immediately downstream from the Hastings wastewater treatment plant, Hastings NE. This site was ideal for the first deployment, as the effluent is known to be estrogenic. View data and learn more about the 2008 deployment.  
MMU photo in GI   MMU closeup photo in GI  
The second prototype of the mini-mobile unit was deployed within the Grand Island wastewater treatment plant. Water was pumped into the MMU from a concrete conduit 3 meters below the surface.  
MMU third version photo in South Carolina   photo of student setting up MMU  
MMU at a distance in South Carolina   alligater in pond  
The first full field deployment of five MMUs on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Units were deployed across the golf course and at the wastewater treatment plant. Beware of the gators!  
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