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  The Mini-mobile Unit    



The mini-mobile environmental monitoring unit (MMU) is a portable bio-assessment system that is designed to simultaneously detect the occurrence and biological effect of water-borne contaminants in a variety of environments. During MMU use, water is pumped from the ambient into a chamber where aquatic organisms are held, and back out into the environment. The MMU allows both aquatic organisms and time-integrating chemical samplers to be exposed to local waters within the same exposure chamber. The MMU represents an aquatic toxicological tool that is portable, controllable, and inexpensive. Visit our MMU Photo page to see the MMU in action.

Why use the mini-mobile unit?
The MMU is lightweight, energy efficient, inexpensive, and most importantly, versatile. The combination of these features and its design allow the MMU to be utilized under conditions where direct deployment of equipment in the water body is not feasible. The MMU is useful for shallow water environments, underground and high velocity conduits, sensitive/protected aquatic environments, and hazardous in-plant environments.

Mini-mobile unit as a research tool
The MMU can be used to detect the presence of contaminants in rivers, streams, wastewater, and other aquatic environments. The MMU will allow fish to be exposed to water in a controlled manner, allowing for detection of physiological and molecular alterations in the fish. While we focus on a number of different endpoints, alterations in gene expression are a powerful tool often applied to the fish exposed in the MMU. For more information, visit our MMU Research page.

Mini-mobile unit as an educational tool
Education and outreach is a primary focus of the Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory. Because of the portability, versatility, and convenience of the mini-mobile unit, we hope to allow high school, community college and 4-year colleges throughout the state access the mini- mobile unit to conduct their own research experiments. The project would serve as both a scientific and educational endeavor.

photo of mmu

For more photos and to learn about the MMU deployments, visit our MMU Seasons page