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Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory
at the Univeristy of Nebraska at Omaha

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Our Mission
The Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory at the University of Nebraska at Omaha has three interrelated goals: 1) to conduct research regarding water quality and environmental health, 2) the training and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate (MS and Ph.D.) students, and 3) the development of novel bio-assessment tools, for research, education and outreach.

Who We Are
The director of the Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory (ATL) is Dr. Alan Kolok. Working with Dr. Kolok are undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. If you'd like to be involved with our lab, please contact us.

Our Research

Our research at the Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory focuses on the ecological and human health effects of toxins, pollutants and emerging contaminants in aquatic environments, especially in Nebraska. Visit Our Research page to learn more about the research we conduct and to view photos of our research.
clearNews & Events   Meet the Director
>> 04/25/2012 - ATL Student Lindsey Knight was awarded the GRACA grant for research on the Atrazine Pulse this summer. Congratulations, Lindsey! See our new page for more information.! See our news page for more information.   Dr. Alan Kolokphoto of Dr. Alan Kolok Professor, UNO & UNMC
422 Allwine Hall
ph. 402 554 3545
fax 402 554 3532

For more information about Dr. Kolok, visit my Who I Am page.

>> 04/20/2012 - The ATL has branched out The opening ceremony of the Elkhorn River Research Station took place today! See our news page for more information.  
>> 04/18/2012 - ATL Student Racine Rangel was awarded the FUSE grant. For her research titled Phytoremediation; Fish Life Saver? Congratulations, Racine! See our news page for more information.  
>> 4/18/2012 - ATL Student Lucas Harrison was awarded the FUSE grant for his research on phytoremediation. Congratulations, Lucas! See our news page for more information.