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  The Elkhorn River Research Station Now Open!  



The Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory (ATL) has partnered with the Papio-Missouri River NRD to construct the Elkhorn River Research Station (ERRS, formerly known as the Davis Prairie Data Shack), an environmental research/education facility on the banks of the Elkhorn River. Construction is currently underway and the Grand Opening event will take place at 10:00 am on April 20, 2012.

The Elkhorn River Research Station will be a 200 sq.ft. building, located on one of the major river systems within Nebraska. The ERRS will function as a highly visible masthead for an environmental science program, focusing on the natural and social aspects of Nebraska’s waterways.

Research at the ERRS
The ERRS will provide a secure, controlled environment in which UNO students, faculty, and the community at large can conduct experiments. Holding tanks will be available at the ERRS to hold fish and other aquatic animals for experimentation. Water from the river will be continuously pumped through the ERRS, so that animals in the ERRS will be exposed to river water in real time.

To promote citizen science and environmental education, the ATL sponsored a high school research competition at the ERRS. To learn more about the competition see the ERRS 2011 High School Student Video webpage.

The ERRS as a virtual science laboratory

The ERRS will function as a data acquisition station, allowing for continuous streaming of data from the ERRS to UNO. From there, the data will be made available through this website. In addition to raw data, videos of experiments conducted at the ERRS will be made available through a video archive located on this website.

ERRS Online!
Construction has begun on the ERRS! Check out our ERRS Photos page to view graphical diagrams, site photos, and construction photos.


> ERRS Photos

> ERRS High School Videos


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