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MMU 2008 Deployment Data
Photo of the MMU Field Trial in 2008  
The first prototype of the mini-mobile unit was deployed immediately downstream from the Hastings wastewater treatment plant in Hastings, NE during September 2008 During the 7-day deployment, 3 cages of fathead minnows, along side a canister containing polar organic chemical samplers (POCIS), and a continuously recording temperature electrode were deployed in the Big Blue River. Inside the MMU, 10 fathead minnow and a single POCIS were maintained in a 10-L stainless steel aquarium. Air and water temperature within the MMU were also collected during deployment.  
graph of three temperatures over 7 days
Water temperatures in the N. Fork of the Big Blue River (red circles) were monitored hourly, as was the water temperature (green circles) and air temperature in the MMU (blue circles). While air temperatures within the MMU spiked daily, the water temperature remained consistence with that of the Big Blue River.  

Graph of vitellogenin expression in fathead minnow males

bar chart showing comparison between relative gene expression of the MMU and the N. Fork Big Blue River


The male fathead minnows caged downstream from the Hastings wastewater treatment plant were feminized (as evidence by hepatic vitellogenin expression), as were the male fish maintained in the MMU.

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