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Environmental Studies


As part of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Environmental Studies Program sponsors a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies in four areas of concentration and a minor in Environmental Studies. For students in the Division of Continuing Studies there is an opportunity to work towards a Bachelor of General Studies degree with a concentration in Environmental Studies. Other students choose majors in one of the traditional disciplines and supplement their training with courses from the Environmental Studies curriculum.

For general questions contact Dr. John McCarty, 402-554-2849 (homepage)

Analytic Option.
Adviser: Dr. Frederic Laquer, 402-554-3641

Earth Sciences Option.
Advisers: Dr. Harmon Maher , 402-554-2250 or Dr. Bob Shuster, 402-554-2457
Four-year Plan of Study

Geography and Planning Option.
Adviser: Dr. Jeff Peake, 402-554-2663

Life Science Option.
Adviser: Dr. John McCarty, 402-554-2849
Four-year Plan of Study

Environmental Studies Minor and the BGS Concentration in Environmental Studies
Adviser: Dr. John McCarty, 402-554-2849