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ZNETH Project Completed

video by Charley Reed

A partnership between UNO and UNL, the ZNETH, or Zero Net Energy Test Home, is completed and awaiting its first occupant.


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Panel Discussion on Immigration Set for June 9

Omaha Table Talk will host a panel discussion, titled "When Race and Immigration Collide," on Thursday, June 9, at the Collaborating Center, 115 S. 49th Ave. The presentation will run from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Organizers said the event will help people attending explore the touchy issues that surround immigration, which has become a contentious state issue in recent months. Panel members with different points of view will explore the topic on how to coherently discuss immigration.

At least three panel members are expected. Two of the panelists will be Virgil Patlan, a retired Omaha police officer, and Ben Salazar, publisher of the Nuestro Mundo newspaper.

Questions that likely will be included:
* Based upon the Table Talk model, can groups or individuals talk and engage in civic conversations about current U.S. immigration policies and laws without proponents resorting to calling anti-immigrant proponents racist or xenophobic?
* Can U.S. citizens be against undocumented residents without creating social or moral conflicts?
* Do undocumented residents increase tax-supported mandates?
* Why are some of the advocates for immigration policy changes not at the table?

After the panel discussion, organizers and panelists will engage the audience about their perspectives on immigration.

The College of Public Affairs and Community Services supports Omaha Table Talk. The goal of Table Talk is to help faculty, staff and students improve their competency in dealing with diversity. It also seeks to engage people in discussions on important issues affecting many diverse groups living in the metropolitan community.

For more information, contact A’Jamal Byndon at or (402) 561.7594. The Table Talk website is

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Safety Notice for On-campus Incidents

With summer semester under way, Campus Security staff would like to remind the campus community about emergency procedures at UNO. The following information outlines the university's safety and emergency procedures, along with other services provided by Campus Security.

Incident Reporting
Incidents requiring immediate action include fire, environmental spills, medical conditions, property damage, disruptive behavior and crimes in progress. Persons involved with or observing these types of incidents should call Campus Security at (402) 554.2911. Campus Security will dispatch officers to the scene and, if required, contact 911.

Faculty and staff can call 911 directly, but also should notify Campus Security to help coordinate the response and expedite travel to the emergency scene. Emergency information provided by the caller should include the building, floor, room number, call back number and nature of the emergency.

Faculty and staff should assist with room and building evacuations, and be aware of those needing special assistance. All employees should become familiar with the designated rally points for their buildings, which are listed in the back of the telephone directory under "Emergency Procedures."

Personal Threats and Harassment
Disruptive behavior on campus will not be tolerated. Threats or acts of violence should be reported to Campus Security and to employee supervisors. If the act appears to represent an immediate threat or harm to the individual, it should be reported at once to Campus Security or 911.

Personal Escorts
The escort service is available 24/7 for individuals on campus. Contact Campus Security to arrange an escort.

Personal Safety Checks
Individuals who may be working alone outside normal working hours are encouraged to contact Campus Security. Security officers will periodically check on individuals' safety while they are on campus.

Personal Property
The university is not responsible for personal property. Individuals are responsible for safeguarding their own property. Loss of personal property should be reported to Campus Security.

Alert System
An on-campus system to help facilitate emergency communications has been installed on the Dodge, Pacific and Center locations. Announcements are distributed from Campus Security to building public address systems or speakers located in building corridors. When announcements are made, strobe lights will flash to notify the hearing impaired to seek assistance.

The system is particularly helpful during tornado warnings. The announcement will alert building occupants to seek shelter and, again later, when the warning has ended. The alert system also can be used to announce university closings, confirm evacuations for fire or chemical release, or other emergency conditions.

Text Messaging System
An off-site text-messaging system provided by e2Campus is also available. The system sends instant alerts directly to registered subscribers' e-mail accounts and mobile phones via text messages. Wireless personal digital assistants and BlackBerry devices can also be used.

The notification system is used to communicate any potential emergency, such as a snow delay or closing, other weather warnings, homeland security advisories, gas leak notifications and fire or crime watches.

This is a voluntary, 'opt-in' capability that requires individual action to subscribe. For more information or to subscribe visit

More information on campus emergency procedures can be found online at or in the UNO Employee Telephone Directory beginning on page 103. For more information about Campus Security procedures related to campus emergencies, contact Stan Schleifer at (402) 554.3596 or Paul Kosel at (402) 554.2648.

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Next Fit Minded Session Starts June 7

Jennifer Huberty, associate professor in the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, is inviting women who enjoy reading, being social and who also want to become healthier to consider joining the fourth session of Fit Minded, a physical activity book club.

Formerly known as research study "Women Bound to Be Active," Fit Minded empowers women to become physically active by focusing on increasing self-worth and physical activity through a book club format. Through reading and discussion, Fit Minded provides women skills and strategies so that they can be active on their own for a lifetime. Fit Minded also offers an online resources, including blogging, chatting and activity tracking.

Session Four of Fit Minded starts Tuesday, June 7. Members will meet for an hour starting at 5:30 p.m. at the UNO Thompson Alumni Center Board Room. Sessions will run until mid-December, and will be facilitated by Huberty and her team.

To join Fit Minded, go to or send an email to The phone number for the group is (402) 554.3395.

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Hosting Opportunities for UNO International Students

The International Studies & Programs (IS&P) staff at UNO are looking for individuals or families to host international students who are learning English and want a taste of American life.

Stays start at four weeks and can last up to six months or a year. A monthly stipend is provided to offset the cost of food and transportation.

The goal of home stays is to give the participating international students an American family experience. Host families within walking distance of campus may have IS&P staff periodically visit.

For more information, please contact Beth Maline at or call (402) 554.2293.

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Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge Now Underway

Wellness Stampede Sustainability Graphic

Looking for an excuse to get back on a bicycle? Need motivation to get more exercise? Want to reduce dependency on oil while saving money? Team UNO is looking for faculty and staff (including students employed by UNO) to participate in this year's Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge.

The Challenge started May 1 and ends Oct. 1. Anyone can join anytime during this period and any amount of bike-to-work commuting counts (both miles and number of trips). There are no meetings to attend, no practice required and plenty of bike parking available. For the past three years UNO has come in first place in its division in the city.

Anyone interested in joining or who has question about Team UNO can contact John Noble at or Angie Eikenberry at

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Summer Hours Set for Campus Food Service

Campus summer food service hours are now set. Currently, the Milo Bail Student Center's American Grill, Greenfields, D'Cafe and Grab & Go are open from 7 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Library Cafe and MavRec Cafe are now keeping the same 7 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday schedule.

Starting Monday, June 6, Tomasittos will also be available in the student center.

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Support UNO Through Social Media

Summer is the perfect time to become reaquainted with the UNO you don't know.

Find out all of the latest news and learn about what UNO has to offer by becoming connected to UNO through its multiple social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare.

Any questions about these sites and how you can stay connected with UNO through social media, contact Charley Reed at or (402) 554.2129.

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