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UNO Tube Archive Athletes and Elders

Athletes and Elders

video by Charley Reed

The Department of Gerontology and Athletic Department work together to bridge the generation gap.


UNO Tube Archive
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the Big Picture

And the Winner Is?

And the Winner Is?

photo by Tim Fitzgerald

HPER's Dan Blanke and Joe Kaminski model their new Christmas sweaters. Joe's sweater was named the 'winner' in this year's competition.



Course/Instructor Evaluation Processing Under Way

Information Services (IS) Support Services staff reminds everyone that processing for the fall 2010 course and instructor evaluations is still under way. UNO faculty and staff may drop off evaluations with the completed "Evaluation Service Request" form in 104 Eppley Administration Building. For complete instructions go to

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This Week In Maverick Athletics

This Week In Maverick Athletics is a listing of the latest sports information. For a complete weekly update of UNO's in-season teams, click on

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Sponsored Programs and Research Report

The Sponsored Programs and Research (SPR) Report details the results of UNO's work to obtain external funding in support of its teaching, research, service and outreach efforts. The report is designed to keep the university community informed as to externally funded projects on campus and bring recognition to those faculty and staff who have worked to generate these resources.

During November, those receiving grant awards totaling $1,020,180:

Ron Abdouch
College of Public Affairs and Community Service/Neighborhood Center
Title: Neighborhood Center for Greater Omaha
Sponsor: Omaha Community Foundation

Hesham Ali
College of Information Science and Technology/Computer Science
Title: Transcriptional regulation, the Nuclear Proteome, and HIV/Meth/cART: From profiling to biological function
Sponsor: UNMC

Donna Dufner
College of Information Science and Technology/Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis
Title: Enterprise-wide Jail Management System
Sponsor: Douglas County

Robert Franklin
College of Communication, Fine Arts, and Media/KVNO
Title: CPB: CSG (Restricted/Unrestricted 9/30/2012)
Sponsor: Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Jeffrey French
College of Arts and Sciences/Psychology
Title: Biological Substrates of Political Behavior
Sponsor: UNL

College of Arts and Sciences/Psychology
Title: MSU NSF Subcontract: Hyena Hormones
Sponsor: Michigan State University

Anne Hellbusch
College of Communication, Fine Arts, and Media/KVNO
Title: Giger Fdn: KVNO u/w 12/11
Sponsor: Paul & Oscar Giger Foundation

Shari Hofschire
College of Communication, Fine Arts, and Media/Art and Art History
Title: Iowa West Public Art-Paley
Sponsor: Iowa West Foundation

Lyn Holley
College of Public Affairs and Community Service/Gerontology
Title: Aging and Disability Resources Center: Nebraska Application 2009
Sponsor: Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services

Kathleen Oleson Lyons
Academic Affairs/Service Learning Academy
Title: Three Days of Service 2010
Sponsor: ServeNebraska

Jimmy Rogers
College of Arts and Sciences/Mathematics
Title: Transcriptional regulation, the nuclear proteome, and HIV/Meth/cART: From profiling to
biological function
Sponsor: UNMC

Nick Stergiou
College of Education/Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Title: Mitochondrial dysfunctions, oxidative damage and inflammation in claudication
Sponsor: UNMC

Jean Waters
College of Business Administration/Nebraska Business Development Center
Title: Resource Conservation Challenge
Sponsor: U.S. EPA

Sara Woods
College of Public Affairs and Community Service
Title: Omaha Table Talk - Year 2
Sponsor: Anonymous

College of Public Affairs and Community Service
Title: MACCH Administration
Sponsor: Metropolitan Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless

Rick Yoder
College of Business Administration/Nebraska Business Development Center
Title: Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center (P2RIC) and web 2.0
Sponsor: U.S. EPA

For assistance with research activities, call the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research at 554.2286, or visit the Web at

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Third Annual Student Research and Creative Activity Fair

The Office of Research and Creative Activity at UNO is pleased to announce the dates of the third annual Student Research and Creative Activity Fair. The fair will take place on April 5-6, 2011 in the Milo Bail Student Center. 

All UNO students (undergraduate and graduate) and engineering students from the south campus are encouraged to apply. Application materials will be available in the next few weeks. Programs and proceedings from previous years are available at

For more information, contact the Office of Research and Creative Activity at (402) 554.2286 or

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Developing Genetic Education for Smoking Cessation

Wellness Graphic

This event has been designated a UNO Mav-Rec Wellness event.

Anyone reading this could be eligible for the UNMC College of Nursing study (IRB No. 226-09-FB) about thoughts and feelings related to classes about genetic contributions to smoking.

Participants should be:

- Smoker, 19 years or older;

- Smoking more than 10 cigarettes/day; and

- Interested in stopping smoking within the next month.

This study involves:

- Participating in classes on either genetic or nutritional education;

- Participating in a group smoking cessation program with FDA-approved nicotine patch; and

- Participating in data collection five times during the study.

A stipend is available for participation. If you are interested, call Victoria M. Graeve-Cunningham at (402) 559.6549.

The mission of Mav-Rec Wellness, UNO's health promotion program, is to create a culture of health and wellness among all faculty, staff and students. Health goals are encouraged through programming and initiatives that celebrate healthier lifestyle practices within the UNO community. For more information, contact David Daniels at (402) 554.2008, or

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UNO Television Documentary Makes a Perfect Holiday Gift

With the holidays just ahead, a UNO Television documentary is an excellent and thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed for years to come. To order by phone, request special faculty/staff/student pricing, or to request a gift card be included with your purchase, visit UNO Television in the 200 College of Public Affairs and Community Service Building or call (402) 554.2516 during regular business hours.

More information about UNO Television documentaries is available at:

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Firefly/ESS Access for All UNO Employees

Firefly/ESS welcomes its newest users. As an employee at UNO, a Firefly account has been created for all non-benefit employees (including student workers). Through Firefly now non-benefit employees have access to Employee Self-Service (ESS), where you can:

- Submit Leave Requests (benefit eligible employees, if applicable to your department);

- View Benefit Enrollment (benefit eligible employees);

- View Paycheck stubs;

- View W-2 and W-4 information;

- View and/or update your personal addresses and banking information; and

- View and/or allocate credits for the Employee and Dependent Scholarship program (benefit eligible employees).

Firefly uses your NUID as your username. For mavlink users, Firefly uses the same ID and password.

If you don't know your NUID and/or have not set your Firefly password, you will need to log into TrueYou, the university's identity management system. Go to:

In TrueYou, first indicate whether or not you know your NUID. If you don't, you will be asked to complete basic information and your NUID will be displayed in the next window. If you know your NUID, you will be asked to enter your NUID and SSN#.

You'll then be asked to establish (and confirm) your new password. Password guidelines are provided on the "Change Password" screen. The next step is a set of authentication questions of which you'll need to answer four. In the future, if you need to reset your password you'll be asked to answer these authentication questions to verify your identity.

Once you have reset your password, you can log into Firefly: Click the "Employee Self Service" tab to access the available features.

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Payroll Pay Advices to Cease Jan. 1 for Non Benefit-eligible UNO Employees

UNO Payroll announces that pay advices (stubs) for all non benefit-eligible employees (including student workers) will stop, effective Jan. 1, 2011. Employees will need to use Firefly Employee Self Service (ESS) to view/print a PDF version of your advice.

- Visit;

- Log into Firelfy using your TrueYou ID (eight-digit NUID number on MAVCard) and password;

(For Mavlink users, you will use the same ID and Password

If you do not know your TrueYou ID and/or have not yet claimed your TrueYou Credentials, visit

- Once you have logged into Firefly, choose the "Employee Self Service" tab at the top;

- Click the "Payment" link; and

- Click "Paycheck Inquiry."

As a reminder, Payroll pay advice printing for benefit eligible employees ceased earlier in 2010.

For more information, call (402) 554.2739. For assistance logging in, contact UNO Helpdesk at (402) 554.HELP (4357).

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Spring Recruitment Workshops Announced

Academic and Student Affairs and the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity will conduct workshops to assist departments and schools in recruiting faculty.

The workshops will provide information on recruitment strategies, the UNO NEOGOV System and EEO guidelines and requirements. Prior to all faculty searches, faculty involved in the search must attend one of the workshops. Also, faculty participating in searches must attend a workshop once every two years.

All sessions will take place in the Milo Bail Student Center Council Room:

Jan. 20 - 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Feb. 4 - 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Feb. 15 - 10 to 11:30 a.m.

March 4 - 2 to 3:30 p.m.

March 17 - 10 to 11:30 a.m.

April 1 - 9 to 10:30 a.m.

April 12 - 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

For more information or to R.S.V.P., e-mail Sandy Byers at or call (402) 554.2262.

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Save the Date - Campus Strategic Planning Forum Feb. 4

Save the Date. An all-campus strategic planning forum will take place Friday, Feb. 4, from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Milo Bail Student Center Ballroom. All faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners can attend.

The 2010-2011 Strategic Planning Awards will be presented at the event. Additional forum details will be e-mailed in early 2011.

To be included in the gathering, contact Charlotte Swank at

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Green Tip of the Week

Sustainability Graphic

#EarthDayTips 39: Add a Green Touch to Your Holiday Party
When entertaining this holiday season, replace paper napkins and towels with cloth napkins and towels.

(To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, provided 40 "green" tips.)

The GreenUNO Task Force provides these tips. For more information, visit

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