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July 4 Bell Concert

Gray threatening skies didn't deter the crowd for this year's July 4 carillon concert. UNO's Dr. James Johnson presented a 45-minute long concert of patriotic songs for the assembled audience.

the Big Picture

Joseph Hrabak

June Employee of the Month: Joseph Hrabak

photo by Tim Fitzgerald

Joseph Hrabak, assistant research systems manager with the College of Information Science and Technology (IS&T), provides consistent technical support to colleagues and ensures all PCs are running smoothly. His excellent customer service makes him popular with colleagues. Visit this link for details.Visit this link for details.



Audrey DeFrank to Serve as Acting Library Dean, Steve Bullock Named Assistant Vice Chancellor

Audrey DeFrank has accepted an appointment to serve as acting dean of the Criss Library effective immediately. Senior Vice Chancellor Terry Hynes announced this week that DeFrank will step into this position while Dean Steve Shorb is on leave to help develop a new international library in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

DeFrank has previously worked as an associate professor and director of Research Services at Criss Library. She has been with UNO since 2006, and served originally as the library's director of Public Services. She has 14 years experience as a librarian--11 at Southwestern Oklahoma State University and three years at UNO.

"We are fortunate that Criss Library has a number of skilled and experienced faculty and staff, several of whom might have taken on this role," Hynes said."I believe Audrey will have a strong team of collaborators to work with her in continuing to build on the momentum and energy that Steve, the faculty and staff have demonstrated."

DeFrank has also served in a number of library specialty areas, including reference/government documents, serials and information services. She earned her master of library and information studies degree from the University of Oklahoma and has a bachelor's degree in marketing from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Hynes also announced that Steve Bullock will now serve as assistant vice chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs. He had served in an "interim" capacity for two years.

"His leadership abilities and effectiveness are first rate," Hynes said. "He also demonstrates excellent potential for assuming other leadership roles and responsibilities steadily and relatively quickly."

Bullock joined the UNO faculty in 2003. He was awarded continuous appointment and promotion to associate professor this year.

Bullock has earned three degrees in history: a doctorate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; a master's from UNO; and a bachelor's degree from Midland Lutheran College in Fremont.

Missing Property Policy

Each department is responsible for assets purchased for its use. Assets which costs more than $5,000 are capitalized and a list of these capitalized assets can be printed using SAP.

Sometime in the near future, Accounting Services staff will ask each department to designate a person to be responsible for monitoring the movement of both non-capitalized and capitalized assets. If capitalized assets, those costing more than $5,000, end up missing, the Missing Property Policy located at the following link applies.

If property is sent to Surplus through Mail Services, department's should be completing the "UNO Request for Pickup – Surplus/Excess Property" form located at the Surplus Property Web site at This form should be used for all surplussed property.

For questions about the disposal of property or on the Missing Property Policy, contact Michael Obbink at

HPER Pool Opens

The Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Building pool officially opens for business today, July 13, at 6:30 a.m. For summer pool hours, visit

New ADA Amendments Overview This Wednesday

In January, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), was amended to include a broader scope for individuals with disabilities. This new ADA amendment requires employers to conduct professional development for faculty, staff and students, as well as for individuals in a supervisory capacity. UNO has scheduled an ADA program for Wednesday, July 15, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. in the Milo Bail Student Center Council Room.

Sharon Ulmar, director of the Equal Opportunity Office at UNO, will present. The session will highlight:

- New ADA amendments;

- Who qualifies as a disabled individual;

- Reasonable accommodations;

- The responsibilities of a supervisor of faculty, staff and students - including graduate or student workers; and

- The process supervisors should follow when an individual's disability is known.

To register, contact Human Resources at 554.2321.

Available Toner Cartridges Listing

Limited quantities of toner and inkjet cartridges are available from Mail Services for departmental use only. To reserve any of the following, contact Kathy Hartle at 554.2337.
- HP 96 A
- HP C4191 A
- HP 10
- HP 78XL
- HP 51629 A
- HP 17 - HP C1816A
- HP 51641A
- HP 51625A
- HP 78 (plus tri-color)

Hartle invites the campus community to join the recycling effort. Before throwing away an old toner or ink cartridge, contact her at 554.2337 to see what options are available.

"If you don't have the printer for the toner cartridges anymore, then send them to the mailroom," she said. "With the budget situation, continuing to recycle ink and toner cartridges can save the university and departments money."

Summer Motorcycle Parking Reminder

Additional seasonal motorcycle parking is available for faculty, staff and students through Friday, Aug. 21. Motorcycles may be parked at the following locations at the Dodge, Pacific and Center locations:

- West of the south entry of Lot Q (new location by the College of Public Affairs and Community Service Building);

- University Drive East Parking Structure (stop by Campus Security, 100 Eppley Administration Building, for details);

- Northwest corner of Lot A (north of Kayser Hall);

- Northwest corner of Lot M (south of Criss Library);

- Southwest corner of Lot 2 (north of The University of Nebraska Peter Kiewit Institute); and

- West of the dome in Lot 20 (Center location).

For more information, contact Campus Security at 554.2648.

SAC Seeks Employee of the Month Nominations

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) continues to seek nominations for the Employee of the Month Award for office/service and managerial/professional personnel. Nominations can be submitted by staff, faculty and managers or administrators, and must meet the new criteria listed below.

"If you have previously submitted a nomination prior to January 2009, please resubmit your nomination with the new criteria listed below," said Monica Bayles, SAC treasurer.

The new criteria for the award:
- Performed job above and beyond expectations;
- Interpersonal skill/communication;
- Knowledge of job; and
- Adaptability.

Nomination guidelines:
- Nominees must be employed at UNO for one year or longer;
- An Employee of the Month qualifies to be selected as Employee of the Year; and
- Nominations will be kept on file for 90 days and will be considered with all nominations for Employee of the Month.

Recipients will receive a $100 award. To nominate an employee, print and complete the nomination form at and send it through campus mail to P.O. Box 130.

For more information, call Bayles at 554.2977.

Editor's note: This month's Employee of the Month recipient is Tim Fitzgerald, manager of photography in the Office of University Relations. Watch eNotes for more information on the July Employee of the Month.

UNO Staff Members Sought for a Work-Life Study

Every person "bounds," or puts limits on, how much overlap they have between their work, family and personal interests. Participants are needed for a study that investigates how UNO staff members and their spouses/partners manage these different boundaries on a daily basis and how these boundaries affect health and well-being (IRB# 237-09-EP).

Study participants must work at least 35 hours per week, have been living together for at least two years, and must not have switched jobs or employers within the past year.

Participants will be asked to complete a one-hour and 30-minute interview and a brief 10-minute survey (each member of the couple will be interviewed and surveyed separately). Study participants will be compensated for their time.

For more information, contact Samantha K. Ammons at 554.3358 or

UNO to Host "A Conference on Aging" in October

Save the date. In October, UNO and community partners will host a two-day conference on aging. "Aging With Passion and Purpose: A Conference on Aging" will take place Sunday and Monday, Oct. 18-19, at the Milo Bail Student Center (MBSC).

Click on this link for more details or contact Nancy Kelley-Gillespie at 554.4886 or

Sponsors include the UNO Department of Gerontology, Life Long Learning Initiative and School of Social Work, the Center for Healthy Aging, Ministries, Programs and Services (CHAMPS), the United Way of the Midlands, the Eastern Nebraska Office of Aging and Nebraska Respite Network, Immanuel Senior Living and the eight-county Partners in Aging (PIA) Network.


Maverick Watch

To catch up on the latest UNO Maverick news or to keep tabs on players over the summer hiatus, visit