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NSF to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

photo by Tim Fitzgerald

The Nebraska Shakespeare Festival (NSF) will present its 20th annual Shakespeare on the Green event this summer. The festivities kick off Thursday, June 22, with "Taming of the Shrew." All performances, which begin at 8 p.m. in Elmwood Park, are free and open to the public. See story elsewhere in this issue for details. Pictured above from the "Taming of the Shrew" cast, Kate will be played by Gabra Zackman, and Petruchio will be played by Jason O'Connell.

history photo

Pictured above, the Eugene C. Eppley Library cornerstone ceremony was held March 29, 1955. Today, it's the site of the Eppley Administration Building.

This Week in Campus History

In mid-June of 1960, Cupola Columns reported that applications were being accepted for a special science institute that would be held during the upcoming fall semester. The National Science Foundation provided a $16,850 grant to pay tuition and travel expenses for 60 regional high school science and math teachers to take one of three Omaha University College of Adult Education courses. The courses, each worth six semester hours of college credit, dealt with modern developments in the fields of biology, physical science and math. To be considered for this institute, applicants had to have a bachelor's degree and at least one year of teaching experience.

Date: June 1960
Source: Cupola Columns
Compiled by University Library Archives

Karen Dwyer

Calming the Anxious

by Tim Fitzgerald

Almost everyone suffers from it. Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and Barbara Walters have had it and overcome it. The "it" is a fear of public speaking, and one University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) faculty member has focused her teaching and research career on curing this problem in college students.

Recently, UNO's Karen Dwyer was honored for her work with the University of Nebraska's Outstanding ...continue

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice to Form

The criminal justice program at UNO has been granted status as a school, a move that will help ensure its ongoing development as one of the leading criminal justice programs in the United States.

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents approved a proposal to designate the UNO Department of Criminal Justice as the UNO School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at its June 15 meeting. The designation awaits final approval by the Nebraska Coordinating Commission on Post-Secondary Education.

"This move recognizes the stature and importance of the school to the state and to the University of Nebraska," said B.J. Reed, dean of the UNO College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CPACS), which houses the criminal justice program. "It is one of the university's most nationally recognized programs, and this designation will help solidify its role regionally and nationally."

The UNO Department of Criminal Justice was created in July 1971 just prior to the establishment of CPACS. What began as a small academic enterprise focusing on law enforcement and public safety has expanded, Dr. Reed said. It now includes a large and academically diverse faculty, large numbers of undergraduate majors and doctoral students, an active research program and substantial community activity in the form of partnerships with local, regional and national organizations interested in crime, crime control and the administration of justice.

To consolidate those partnerships and foster collaboration among faculty and students, the department has developed the Juvenile Justice Institute and five research initiatives – the Community and Rural Policing Initiative, the International Criminal Justice Initiative, the Police Professionalism Initiative, the Sentence Outcomes Initiative and the Racial Justice Initiative. Each has a coordinator who is responsible for its work and direction.

John Crank, professor of criminal justice, will serve as the school's interim director.

"This is an exciting time to be involved in criminal justice at the University of Nebraska," Dr. Crank said. "Already nationally recognized for its education and scholarship, the program's designation as the School of Criminal Justice is a strong ‘next step' in its evolution. We recognize and appreciate the contributions of those individuals who have worked diligently to bring the school into being."

Dr. Crank also said the designation will help the university sustain its commitment to the needs of the dynamic Omaha and Lincoln communities and surrounding region, as well as strengthen its role in the fields of criminal justice and criminology nationally. 

At present, more than 600 undergraduate students are majoring in criminal justice on the UNO and University of Nebraska-Lincoln campuses. There are 65 full- and part-time students in the master's program and 35 full-time students in the doctoral program. 

The school designation does not require additional faculty, staff or physical facilities.  External funds will be sought to support the research and outreach activities of the institute and the initiatives, Crank said.

The UNO School of Criminology and Criminal Justice will join four other UNO schools: the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation; the School of Social Work; the School of Public Administration; and the School of Communication.

For more information, contact Dr. Crank at 554.2610.

Shakespeare on the Green to Celebrate 20th Season

The Nebraska Shakespeare Festival (NSF) will bring productions of "Taming of the Shrew" and "Antony and Cleopatra" to Elmwood Park this June and July in conjunction with Shakespeare on the Green 2006. The festival, celebrating its 20th anniversary season this year, is presented each summer in cooperation with Creighton University, UNO and the City of Omaha. All performances are free and open to the public.

"Taming of the Shrew" was originally produced in the festival's first year and again for its 10th anniversary season, said Michael Markey, managing director. "This festival favorite will be produced along with a play new to the NSF stage, ‘Antony and Cleopatra,'" he noted.

Cindy Melby Phaneuf, founding artistic director and professor of theatre in the UNO College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media (CCFAM), will direct "Taming of the Shrew," which will be performed June 22-25, and July 6 and 8.

"Taming of the Shrew," set in present day Vegas, is a raucous comedy. Shakespeare's classic battle of the sexes will leave the audience amazed at the power of love and wondering just who has tamed whom, its director noted.  

"Antony and Cleopatra," directed by D. Scott Glasser, will run June 29-July 2 and July 5, 7 and 9. Glasser, assistant professor of theatre in CCFAM, is NSF's associate artistic director and has directed several NSF productions, including last summer's "Othello."

Set in antiquity, "Antony and Cleopatra" is an epic portrayal of love. Driven by his passion for Cleopatra, Mark Antony sacrifices his career, his friends and his standing as the champion of Rome to be with his Egyptian queen. Together they must face the wrath of the country he left behind, Glasser said.

There will be no July 4 performance. The June 25 performance of "Taming of the Shrew" and the July 2 performance of "Antony and Cleopatra" will be ASL-interpreted for the hearing impaired.

All performances will begin at 8 p.m. The greenshow – which features Elizabethan music, dancing, singing and juggling – will begin nightly at 7 p.m. Seminars will be held nightly at 6 p.m. They will provide the audience with an opportunity to discuss the plays and meet the directors, actors and scholars associated with the 2006 company.

For more information about Shakespeare on the Green or other Nebraska Shakespeare programs, contact Markey at 280.2391 or, or visit the Web at

SPR Report

The SPR Report details the results of UNO's efforts to obtain external funding in support of its teaching, research, service and outreach efforts. The report is designed to keep the university community informed as to externally funded projects on campus and bring recognition to those faculty and staff who have worked to generate these resources.

From the period of May 5-June 14, those receiving grant awards totaling $913,790 are as follows:

Name: Kris Berg
College: Education
Title: Prevention of Osteoporosis in Breast Cancer Survivors
Sponsor: University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)

Name: Melvin Clancy
Unit: Academic and Student Affairs
Title: UNO Student Support Services Program
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Education

Name: Laura Grams
College: Arts and Sciences
Title: Service Learning in Partially Internet Mediated Courses
Sponsor: University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)/Midwest Consortium for Service-Learning in Higher Education

Name: Jack Heidel
College: Arts and Sciences
Title: UNO and MCC STEPping Together
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Name: Nancy Kelley-Gillespie
College: Public Affairs and Community Service
Title: Advanced Social Work Practice with Older Adults
Sponsor: UNL/Midwest Consortium for Service-Learning in Higher Education

Name: T. Hank Robinson
College: Public Affairs and Community Service
Title: Substance Abuse Training Initiative
Sponsor: Alegent Health

For support and help with research activities, call the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research at 554.2286, or visit the Web at

Departmental Foreign Travel Plans Sought

UNO is in the process of extending its insurance for foreign liability for the 2006-07 fiscal year. The university's Foreign Liability Coverage Policy requires clarification regarding future travel. If departments anticipate foreign travel in the coming year, they should provide Risk Management with estimates for the information listed below.

Employee Travel
(Information is necessary for each employee traveling even if more than one person will be going to the same country at the same time.)

1. Name of UNO unit/department.
2. Name of employee traveling (identify as employee #1, #2 etc., if individual has not yet been assigned).
3. Is the employee traveling a U.S. citizen? (If no, identify country of citizenship.)
4. Country or countries traveled.
5. Purpose of the trip (conference, field trip, consulting, etc.).
6. Number of days of trip.
7. Is the employee stationed out of country? (Usually out of country for more than 30 days.)
8. Payroll information for any employee stationed out of country (identify the payroll for the period or indicate their annual salary).

Student Travel
(Information is necessary for each student traveling even if more than one person will be going to the same country at the same time.)

1. Name of UNO unit/department.
2. Departmental contact.
3. Contact phone number.
4. Country or countries traveled.
5. Purpose of trip (conference, field trip, educational coursework, etc.).
6. Number of students anticipated for the trip.
7. Number of days of trip.

This information is needed as soon as possible. It can be sent to Risk Management, 209 Eppley Administration Building. To request an electronic spreadsheet to populate and send, contact Laura VanNordstrand at 554.2322 or

Retirement Reception for Bob Welk June 22

The university community is invited to attend a retirement reception for Bob Welk Thursday, June 22, at 3 p.m. in the Milo Bail Student Center Chancellor's Room.

Welk's career at UNO has had its share of being both behind the scenes and in the spotlight. Having taught for more than 30 years in the department of theatre, he retired in May 2001 only to be "coaxed" back to UNO to serve as dean of Fine Arts. Over the last three years, Welk has successfully created a new college by bringing together the School of Communication, UNO Television, KVNO Radio and the College of Fine Arts. The resulting College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media has been up and running now for the last year under his leadership. He will be stepping down June 30 as Gail Baker joins UNO as the college's new dean. Welk will retire after 40 years of service to the university.

For more information, contact Nita Armendariz at 554.2232.

Faculty/Staff Re-carding Continues through June 22

MavCard Services is issuing new photo ID cards to all active faculty and staff this week through Thursday, June 22.

The MavCard is the official identification card at UNO. It can be used to access many services on campus. The card also can be used as a debit card for making purchases across campus.

Those faculty and staff who use proximity cards for door access or building access (other than the parking garage) will be issued duo-proximity cards. The duo-proximity card will combine the current proximity card with the ID card. With this enhancement, there will no longer be a need for an additional proximity card.

Individuals are encouraged to stop by MavCard Services from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. according to the schedule listed below. Faculty and staff members should bring their current ID and proximity card with them at the time of re-carding.

The remaining re-carding schedule, based on employees' last names, is as follows:

the name

Today, June 20
Last names ending in M–Q

Wednesday, June 21
Last names ending in G–L

Thursday, June 22
Last names ending in A–F

MavCard Services is located in the Milo Bail Student Center (MBSC) Business Office on the second floor of the MBSC. For more information, call 554.2220.

COE to Host Middle School Summer Program through June 23

The UNO College of Education - in collaboration with faculty, staff and students from across the campus - will host a portion of the summer school program for Lewis and Clark Middle School this week at UNO.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for our campus and for Lewis and Clark Middle School," said Connie Schaffer, coordinator for the UNO College of Education's Office of Student Services.

The middle school students will be on campus through June 23 to participate in a variety of activities designed to increase their awareness of post-secondary settings and opportunities, and to specifically familiarize them with the UNO community. More than 50 UNO faculty, staff and students will be interacting with 70 Lewis and Clark students and teachers during the four-day period.

"Everyone on our campus has been very enthusiastic about the project, and we have a wide variety of activities planned," Schaffer said. "This really is a chance for us to work together as an educational community, and the project has direct benefits for our students and the students from Lewis and Clark."

For more information, contact Schaffer at 554.3096 or

myUNO to Be Upgraded to Version 7.1

Information Technology Services (ITS) is planning to upgrade myUNO from Version 6.3 to Version 7.1 the weekend of July 8-9.

The upgrade will include new features and enhancements. The most noticeable improvements will involve the "Discussion Board" and "Grade Book" areas. This upgrade also will fix many problems ITS experienced with Blackboard 6.3.

To help faculty prepare for the new version, ITS is offering a variety of opportunities to learn more about Blackboard 7.1. Special assistance also will be provided to faculty using Blackboard to teach a summer course. The learning opportunities are listed below.

Brown Bag Lunch Demonstration
For those using Blackboard this summer or fall, ITS highly recommends attending a demonstration. The final demonstration is set for Thursday, June 22, from noon to 1 p.m. at The Peter Kiewit Institute, Room 160. Registration is not required.

Two documents have been added to the "Instructor Help Tab" within myUNO to familiarize faculty with the upgrade. The first document is a summary of the new features, while the second document is the instructor manual from Blackboard. This manual is the same information that can be found online in the "myUNO Control Panel."

Test Drive
Faculty can "test drive" Blackboard 7.1 by pointing their Web browser to They should use the same login and password as they do in the current version. Course content was copied to this test box in February 2006, so faculty will not see the most current course information.

Hands-On Training
Watch eNotes for additional training opportunities in July and August.

For more information, contact ITS Customer Services at 554.HELP (4357) or

PWSA Call for Poetry

The Program for Women and Successful Aging (PWSA) at UNO is currently accepting original works of poetry and short prose for review and possible publication in Celebrate: A Collection of Women's Writings. The eleventh volume of the Celebrate book will be released and presented at Rites of Spring, an annual event that features an art exhibit, poetry reading, storytelling and other projects. 

Submission forms are available on the Web at  All submissions should be sent to the following address by Friday, July 14:

Annex 24
6001 Dodge St.
Omaha, NE 68182-0202

For more information, call 554.4897.


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