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Employee of the Month

photo by Tim Fitzgerald

Loretta Wirth has been named the June Employee of the Month at UNO. Wirth is a clerical assistant II at the UNO Alumni Association. Look for details in a future edition of eNotes. For more information on how to nominate individuals for Employee of the Month honors, visit the Web at this link

history photo

Pictured above, the Eugene C. Eppley Library cornerstone ceremony was held March 29, 1955. Today, it's the site of the Eppley Administration Building.

This Week in Campus History

On June 7, 1974, The Weekly Communicator reported that William Gaines, interim dean of international affairs at UNO, would leave the university to become president of the Institute of European Studies in Chicago. The Institute encourages American university students to study abroad during their junior year and operates seven study centers in six countries in Europe. Dean Gaines was scheduled to begin his new duties on September 1.

Date: June 7, 1974
Source: The Weekly Communicator
Compiled by University Library Archives

Karen Dwyer

Calming the Anxious

by Tim Fitzgerald

Almost everyone suffers from it. Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and Barbara Walters have had it and overcome it. The "it" is a fear of public speaking, and one University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) faculty member has focused her teaching and research career on curing this problem in college students.

Recently, UNO's Karen Dwyer was honored for her work with the University of Nebraska's Outstanding ...continue

Pratt Named Interim Executive Vice President, Provost

University of Nebraska President James B. Milliken has named Linda R. Pratt as interim executive vice president and provost. Her appointment, which is subject to the approval of the Board of Regents, will commence July 15. Dr. Pratt will replace Jay Noren, who has accepted a position as a director of public health programs at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Dr. Pratt is a professor of English and former department chair at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), where she has taught since 1968. She received her undergraduate degree from Florida Southern College and her master's degree and doctorate from Emory University. Dr. Pratt has served as national president of the American Association of University Professors and the Association of Departments of English. She is a recipient of a Distinguished Teaching Award from the UNL College of Arts and Sciences and the James A. Lake Academic Freedom Award from the UNL Faculty Senate. Dr. Pratt chaired the 1997 University-wide Gender Equity Task Force and is a former chair of the UNL Chancellor's Commission on the Status of Women. She has also served as interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at UNL and as chair of the campus Academic Planning Committee.

"I'm pleased that Linda Pratt will join the university's senior leadership in this key role," President Milliken said. "As an accomplished member of the faculty, department chair, and interim dean, she brings invaluable campus experience and an important perspective to the President's Office. I have been most impressed with her ability to understand and articulate the challenges that are facing higher education today and I am confident that her contributions will be immediate and significant."

Dr. Pratt has written widely on higher education, addressing issues of academic freedom, part-time and temporary faculty, management of academic institutions, and the fiscal structure of higher education.

"Linda is a skillful administrator with an understanding of the aspirations and challenges of the range of disciplines that comprise the university and has written wisely about the issues facing higher education," said Harvey Perlman, Chancellor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. "As interim dean of Arts and Sciences she was a strong advocate for the sciences as well as for the arts and humanities. The entire university will be well-served by this appointment."

The executive vice president and provost is the university's ranking academic and administrative officer after the president, and serves as dean of the University-wide Graduate College and as the presiding officer of the graduate faculty and the Executive Graduate Council. Dr. Pratt is the first woman to serve in this position at the University of Nebraska.

"I am pleased to have this opportunity to work for the whole University of Nebraska," Dr. Pratt said. "President Milliken's agenda for the future is exciting and I look forward to being a part of this effort."

For more information, contact Dara Troutman, senior associate to the president, at 402.472.7143 or or Sharon Stephan, assistant vice president of Communications and Marketing, at 402.472.7554 or

"Consider This" to Explore State Biocontainment Unit

Nebraska's Biocontainment Unit is currently the only center accessible to civilians in the United States equipped to safely care for anyone exposed to a contagious and dangerous disease such as the avian flu. The ten-bed facility at The Nebraska Medical Center opened last year.

This week on "Consider This" host Andrea McMaster will explore Nebraska's Biocontainment Unit and how viewers can prepare for the possible pandemic flu.

The program will air tonight, June 9, on KYNE-TV Channel 26 at 11 p.m.

McMaster's guests will include Dr. Philip Smith, a specialist in infectious diseases at the Biocontainment Unit, Pat Lenaghan, an operations manager at the Biocontainment Unit, and Bob Leopold, with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Early isolation of an infected patient is essential. It buys time for public health officials and provides the chance to either stop an outbreak or rapidly contain one. The Unit's location, on the same campus as the state's Bio-Safety Level-3 laboratory, allows for timely diagnosis and immediate treatment of patients.

The Nebraska facility can receive patients from anywhere in the country, and is equipped with hepa-filtered individual isolation units – ISO Pods – that allow for safe transport and transfer of an infected patient. Headed by University of Nebraska Medical Center Medical Director Dr. Smith, the Unit has a staff of 15 registered nurses and 14 respiratory therapists who are on-call 24 hours a day.

In addition to avian flu, other highly contagious and deadly infectious conditions the unit can handle include: SARS, anthrax, smallpox, tularemia, plague, botulism, Ebola virus and other viral hemorrhagic fevers and monkeypox.

This edition of the program will be rebroadcast according to the following schedule:

Nebraska NET1 (statewide)
- Sunday, June 11
11:30 p.m.

NET2 (NET's cable network)
- Monday, June 12
1:30 p.m. (CT)

- Wednesday, June 14
8 a.m. (CT)

"Consider This" is a production of UNO Television. It also airs on the Knowledge Network of Greater Omaha. For a list of days and times, visit the Web at Archived editions of the program are available on the Web at

Safety Notice for On-Campus Incidents

Each member of the UNO community has a role in helping maintain a safe and secure campus. The university's safety and emergency procedures are listed below, along with other services provided by Campus Security.

Incident Reporting
Incidents requiring immediate action include fire, environmental spills, medical conditions, property damage, disruptive behavior and crimes in progress. Persons involved with or observing these types of incidents should call Campus Security at 554.2911. Campus Security will dispatch officers to the scene and, if required, contact 911.

Faculty and staff can call 911 directly, but then they also should notify Campus Security to help coordinate the response and expedite travel to the emergency scene. Emergency information provided by the caller should include the building, floor, room number, call back number and nature of the emergency.

Faculty and staff should assist with room and building evacuations, and be aware of those needing special assistance. All employees should become familiar with the designated rally points for their buildings, which are listed in the back of the telephone directory under "Emergency Procedures."

Personal Threats and Harassment
Disruptive behavior on campus will not be tolerated. Threats or acts of violence should be reported to Campus Security and your supervisor. If the act appears to represent an immediate threat or harm to the individual, it should be reported at once to Campus Security or 911.

Personal Escorts
The escort service is available 24-7 for individuals on campus. Contact Campus Security to arrange for an escort.

Personal Safety Checks
Individuals who may be working alone outside normal working hours are encouraged to contact Campus Security. Security officers will periodically check on your safety while you are here.

Personal Property
The university is not responsible for personal property. Individuals are responsible for safeguarding their own property. Loss of personal property should be reported to Campus Security.

Alert System
A system to help facilitate emergency communications has been installed on the north and south campuses. Announcements are distributed from Campus Security to building public address systems or speakers located in building corridors. When announcements are made, strobe lights will flash to notify the hearing impaired to seek assistance. In the case of a tornado warning, the system will alert building occupants to seek shelter and again later when the warning has ended. The alert system also can be used to announce university closings, confirm evacuations for fire or chemical release, or other emergency conditions.

More information on campus emergency procedures can be found in the UNO Employee Telephone Directory beginning on page 106. For more information about Campus Security procedures related to campus emergencies, contact Stan Schleifer at 554.3596 or Paul Kosel at 554.2648.

SAC to Meet June 13

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) will meet Tuesday, June 13, at 9 a.m. at The Peter Kiewit Institute, Room 279.

Steve Massara, student body president/regent at UNO, will address the group. The campus shuttle is available for transportation to the south campus. All faculty and staff are invited to attend.

For more information, contact Mary Sweaney, SAC president, at 554.3668 or

June FEAP Hours Available

The Faculty/Staff Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) provides short-term counseling, assessment and referral services for faculty, staff, their spouses or significant others, and family members. FEAP offices are located in 206 Eppley Administration Building.

The June schedule is as follows:

June 14 and 16
8 a.m. to noon

June 18 and 22
12:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Appointments are free and available by calling 554.3120 (UNO) or 559.5175 (UNMC).

CWS General Admission Ticket Booklets On Sale

The 2006 College World Series (CWS) is set for June 16-26 at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha. CWS general admission ticket booklets are currently on sale in the UNO Athletic Department. The cost is $60 for a booklet of 10 tickets while supplies last.

To purchase a booklet or for more information, contact Geri Backora at 554.2506 or

In the News

In the News- Randall Adkins, political science, was quoted in the May 5 edition of the Omaha World-Herald. The article discussed the topic of illegal immigration in relation to the 2006 Nebraska race for governor.

- Debbi Aliano and Mike Hagstrom, KVNO, were quoted in the May 9 edition of the Omaha World-Herald. The article paid tribute to former KVNO-FM radio announcer Frank Coopersmith.

- Bill Blizek and Paul Williams, philosophy and religion, and Carson Holloway, political science, were quoted in the May 13 edition of the Omaha World-Herald. The article explored the recent movie "The Da Vinci Code."

- Loree Bykerk, political science, was quoted in the May 10 edition of the Omaha World-Herald. The article discussed the 2006 Governor race between Dave Heineman and Tom Osborne.

- Ken Dick, information science and technology, was cited in the April 2006 edition of Signal (Fairfax, Va.). Dr. Dick was a guest speaker at a February gathering of the Greater Omaha chapter of The Association for Communications and Electronics Professionals.

- Karen Dwyer, communication, was cited in the May 8 edition of the Omaha World-Herald. The article announced Dr. Dwyer's receipt of the University of Nebraska Outstanding Teaching and Creativity Award.

- Lourdes Gouveia, Latino/Latin American Studies, was quoted in the April 19 edition of the Times-Union (Warsaw, Ind.) and the April 23 editions of the Daily Citizen (Searcy, Ark.), the Southern Illinoisan (Carbondale, Ill.), Topeka Capital-Journal (Topeka, Kan.), Richmond Register (Richmond, Ky.), Standard-Times (New Bedford, Mass.), Bay City Times (Bay City, Mich.), Holland Sentinel (Holland, Mich.), Herald Democratic (Sherman, Texas) and the Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Bluefield, W. Va.). Dr. Gouveia also was quoted in the May 26 edition of Forward (New York). The articles compared meatpacking conditions today to those of the early 1900s.

- David Helm, art and art history, was quoted in the April 27 edition of The Reader. The article explored Ventilation, an experimental art gallery constructed by Helm and his students at UNO.

- Sharif Liwaru, cultural awareness programs, was quoted in the May 11 edition of the Omaha World-Herald. The article previewed an event the Malcolm X Foundation held May 19 to help educate individuals about Malcolm X's philosophies.

- Larry Menyweather-Woods, black studies, was quoted in the April 13 edition of The Reader. The article discussed the legacy of the Great Plains Black History Museum in Omaha.

- Doug Paterson, theater, was cited in the April 27 edition of the Omaha Star. The article announced a rally that was held April 30 to oppose the genocide in Sudan.

- Oliver Pollak, history, was cited in the May 14 edition of the Lincoln Journal Star. The article highlighted Dr. Pollack's latest book, "A State of Readers: Nebraska's Carnegie Libraries."

- Beth Ritter, sociology, was quoted in the May 7 edition of the Omaha World-Herald. The article looked at a push for commuter bus services between Omaha and nearby smaller towns.

- Hank Robinson, Juvenile Justice Institute, was cited in the May 12 editions of the Hub (Kearney, Neb.), the Citizen (Holdrege, Neb.) and the Daily News (Norfolk, Neb.), as well as in the May 13 editions of the Tribune (Fremont, Neb.), the Tribune (Hastings, Neb.), Telegraph (North Platte, Neb.) and Omaha World-Herald. Dr. Robinson also was cited in the May 15 editions of the Lincoln Journal Star and the Omaha Daily Record, in addition to the May 16 edition of the Lincoln Journal Star. All of the articles highlighted results of a study completed on a statewide plan for treating methamphetamine addicts.

- Michael Tate, history, was cited in the April 29 edition of the Sioux City Journal (Sioux City, Iowa). The article announced a traveling photo exhibit on contemporary Native American leaders is on display at Creighton University through July. Dr. Tate also was cited in the April 2006 edition of New Horizons. The article named Tate as a presenter at the April 6 meeting of the Westerners International Omaha Corral.

- James Thorson, gerontology, was cited in the April 27 edition of the Omaha Star. The article announced a symposium held May 3 to examine independent living services for senior citizens.

If you are a member of the UNO community and have been interviewed by the media – local, state, regional, national or international – we want to know about it! Send an e-mail with the particulars to Please include a contact name and phone number. For more information, call 554.2243 or 554.2762.

In Print

If you've authored or edited a book, article or other text that's been published recently, we want to know about it! Send an e-mail with the particulars to Please include a contact name and phone number. For more information, call 554.2243 or 554.2762.

On Stage

Shakespeare on the Green Schedule Announced
The Nebraska Shakespeare Festival is gearing up to host its 20th annual Shakespeare on the Green event.

The theatrical event, which will take place in Elmwood Park, is presented each summer in cooperation with Creighton University, UNO and the City of Omaha. All performances are free and open to the public

"Antony and Cleopatra" and "The Taming of the Shrew" are the plays being performed this summer. "The Taming of the Shrew " runs from June 22-25, and July 6 and 8. "Antony and Cleopatra" runs from June 29-July 2, and July 5, 7 and 9. Each performance begins at 8 p.m.

For more information, contact Mike Markey at 280.2391 or

On Exhibit

- The work of Russ Nordman, art and art history, is featured in an exhibition opening tonight, June 9, at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in downtown Omaha. The exhibition, SIGNAL CHANNEL, is the first major comprehensive exhibition of video art in the state. Selected single-channel videos by artists from around the world will give the public an opportunity to view some of the most cutting-edge video art being created today while learning about the emerging generation of artists who are experimenting with this relatively new medium. As a true multi-faceted exhibition, SIGNAL CHANNEL explores video art as a medium and demonstrates the video artist's power to experiment, explore and test the parameters of conventional art-making practices. An opening reception will be held June 9 from 7 to 10 p.m. It is free and open to the public. SIGNAL CHANNEL runs through Aug. 12 at the Bemis.

- Russ Nordman and Jody Boyer, art and art history, will participate in a panel session titled "Document 2 Reinvent: Perspectives on the Evolution of New Media" Saturday, June 10, from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in downtown Omaha. The session is being held in conjunction with the opening of SIGNAL CHANNEL, the first major comprehensive exhibition of video art in the state. The panel session will be followed by an Echotrope media screening from 1:30 to 3 p.m. The screening is the first in a series of three public showings by Echotrope, a nomadic organization that curates experimental video, film and new media. Echotrope was founded by Nordman and Boyer. Both the panel session and media screening are free and open to the public.

If you are a member of the UNO community and are involved in an exhibit, we want to know about it! Send an e-mail with the particulars to Please include a contact name and phone number. For more information, call 554.2243 or 554.2762.