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Department of English


The UNO English faculty ranks as one of the most accomplished at the university. Among our faculty are nationally and internationally recognized scholars and creative writers, award-winning teachers, and leaders in professional organizations and peer-reviewed publications. The UNO English faculty helps create the knowledge that is shaping our discipline in the 21st century. As a result, they have proved able mentors to students, helping undergraduate and graduate students gain real experience presenting research or creative writing at regional and national conferences, publishing original work, or producing cutting-edge technical documents for service-writing clients. Our English faculty is committed to giving students both a first-rate education and a memorable, dynamic experience.

Note: An asterisk after a name denotes graduate faculty member.


Travis Adams*

Contact Information

Nora Bacon Travis Adams

Assistant Professor
Office: ASH 189C
Phone: 402-554-3587

PhD University of Nebraska-Lincoln
MA Boise State University
BA Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota


Administrative Responsibilities

Writing Center Director
Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator

Research and Publications

“An Interdisciplinary Research Course in Theoretical Ecology for Young Undergraduates” with Glenn Ledder and Brigitte Tenhumberg. Undergraduate Mathematics for the Life Sciences: Models, Processes, and Directions. Eds. Glenn Ledder, Jenna P. Carpenter, and Timothy D. Comar. Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America, 2013. 69-81. Print.

“Auburn University at Montgomery.”  Encyclopedia of Alabama. The Encyclopedia of Alabama, 2012. Web.


Writing Center Theory/Pedagogy
Composition Theory/Pedagogy


Nora Bacon*

Contact Information

Nora Bacon Nora Bacon


Office: ASH 192E
Phone: 402.554.3318

PhD University of California Berkeley
MA San Francisco State University
BA San Francisco State University

Research Areas

Transition from Academic to Nonacademic Writing
Service Learning
Prose Style

Selected Publications

Bacon, Nora. “Style in Academic Writing.”  The Centrality of Style.  Ed. Michael Duncan and Star Medzerian.  Parlor Press, 2013.



Bacon, Nora. The Well-Crafted Sentence: A Writer's Guide to Style. 2nd ed. Bedford/St. Martins, 2013.


Sather, Paul and Nora Bacon. "There is No Substitute for Experience." Diversity Digest 9:1 (fall, 2005).

Bacon, Nora. "Differences in Faculty and Community Partners' Theories of Learning. " Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning 9:1 (fall, 2002): 34-44.

Deans, Thomas and Nora Bacon. "Writing as Students, Writing as Citizens: Service-Learning in First-Year Composition Courses." Service-Learning and the First-Year Experience. Ed. Zlotkowski. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina, National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, 2002.

Bacon, Nora. "Building a Swan's Nest for Instruction in Rhetoric." College Compostion and Communication 51.4 (June, 2000): 589-609.

Bacon, Nora. "The Trouble with Transfer: Lessons from a Study of Community Service Writing." Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning 6 (1999): 53-62.

Bacon, Nora. "Community Service Writing: Problems, Challenges, Questions." Writing for the Community: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Composition. Ed. Adler-Kassner, Crooks, and Watters. Washington, D.C.: American Association for Higher Education, 1997.


First-year Writing Courses
Composition Theory Pedagogy
College Writing Instruction
Community Service Writing
Rhetoric of the Sentence

J. David Boocker*

Contact Information

David Boocker . J. David Boocker

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Office: ASH 280
Phone: 402.554.2338
Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Selected Publications

“Milton after 9/11,” Milton in Popular Culture, eds. Laura Lunger Knoppers and Gregory Semenza. New York: Palgrave (2006), 177-186

“Milton and the Woman Controversy,” in A Search for Meaning: Critical Essays on Early Modern Literature, ed. Paula H. Payne, Peter Lang (2004), 125-143

“Milton, Garrison and the Rhetoric of Demonization,” American Periodicals 9 (1999): 15-26

“‘Women are indebted to Milton...’: Milton and Woman’s Rights in the Nineteenth Century,” in Arenas of Conflict: Milton and the Unfettered Mind, eds. Durham and McColgan, Susquehanna University Press (1997), 51-64. (Volume was winner of the Milton Society of America Irene Samuel Award for the best multi-author collection of essays)

“‘according to our custom’: Milton’s Papal Attacks and their Italian Sources,” Explorations in Renaissance Culture XX (1994): 19-39

“A Fissure in the Milton Window?: Arnold’s 1888 Address,” in Spokesperson Milton, eds. Durham and McColgan, Susquehanna University Press (1994), 126-137

“Milton at Vallombrosa,” Milton Quarterly 26 (March 1992): 20-21 .

Research Areas

Milton and His Influence
Milton and Science
Influence Theory

Teaching Areas

English Survey (Beowulf through 18th Century)

Frank Bramlett*

Contact Information

Frank Bramlett Frank Bramlett

Professor, English
Other faculty affiliations:
Master of Arts in Language Teaching (MALT)
Women’s and Gender Studies
Black Studies

Office: ASH 189D | Phone: 402.554.3313


PhD University of Georgia
MA University of Alabama at Birmingham
BA Mississippi State University

Note: Dr. Bramlett took a leave of absence from UNO and spent two years teaching and researching in the English Department at Stockholm University (2012–2014). If you’re interested in Sweden, you should come by his office and talk about the T-bana, strömming, fika, julbord, the Vasa Museum, Swedish schnapps, and/or Midsommarafton. Hardcore Sweden fans may also have visited Myggutställning (the Museum of the Mosquito) in Gällivare. 

Research Areas

Comics & Graphic Novels
Discourse Analysis
Language and Identity
Teaching English to English Language Learners

Bramlett is currently engaged in two research programs. One revolves around the intersections of language, culture, and notions of the everyday in comics and graphic novels. The other one is a long-term interest in how English is taught to university-level language learners in Nicaragua.

If you’re interested in comics, and especially Grant Morrison, take a look at this video, which is a short excerpt of a roundtable discussion. Bramlett co-organized the two-day conference, which was held in December 2013 at the English Department at Stockholm University. See

UNO Features Dr. Bramlett on YouTube

Selected Publications

Linguistics and the Study of Commics

Linguistics and the Study of Comics

Edited by Frank Bramlett, Palgrave Macmillian Press, 2012.



Bramlett, F. (2012). Linguistic codes and character development in Afro Samurai. In F. Bramlett (ed.), Linguistics and the study of comics, (pp. 183–209). London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Jefferson, S., & Bramlett, F. (2010). The moderating roles of gender and anti-gay prejudice in explaining stigma by association in male dyads. Journal of Homosexuality, 57(3), 401–414.

Bramlett, F. (2010). The confluence of heroism, sissyhood, and camp in The Rawhide Kid: Slap Leather. ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies, 5(1). Department of English.

Bramlett, F., & Raabe, D. (2004). Redefining intimacy: Carver and conversation. Narrative, 12(2), 178–194.

Recent Presentations

Bramlett, F. (2013). Representing sexuality, race, and language in comics about the U.S. South. Conference: Comics Studies in the South. Columbia: University of South Carolina.

Bramlett, F. (2013). A continuum of the quotidian: How all comics reflect the everyday. Joint Conference: International Comics and International Bande Dessinée Society. University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland.

Bramlett, F. (2013). The linguistic construct of the insecure hero and counterterror measures in the graphic novel. Images of terror, Narratives of (in)security: Literary, artistic, and cultural responses. University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Bramlett, F. (2012). The role of culture in comics of the quotidian. Comics Forum. Leeds, UK. Submitted.

Bramlett, F. (2011). Comics and Pedagogy Round Table. ICAF [International Comic Arts Forum]. White River Junction, Vermont. USA. Other panelists: Qiana Whitted (chair), James Sturm, Jason Lutes, Jen Vaughn, and Mark McKinney.

Bramlett, F. (2011). Conversation analysis and the representation of time in comics. Joint International Conference of Graphic Novels, Bandes dessinées and Comics. Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK.

Bramlett, F. (2008). Interrogating linguistic blackface in Afro Samurai. ICAF [International Comic Arts Forum]. School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL.

Bramlett, F. (2007). Camp, sissies, and queers in The Rawhide Kid. ICAF [International Comic Arts Forum]. Library of Congress, James Madison Building, Washington, DC.


Bramlett’s teaching interests are wide-ranging and include linguistic theory and structure, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, research methods, and comics. He teaches the following courses regularly:

Introduction to Linguistics
Structure of English
Discourse, Culture, and Power (grad seminar)
Language, Gender, and Sexuality
First-year composition for English language learners (ESL I/ESL II)

And he teaches these courses occasionally:

Language and Comics
Composition Pedagogy in TESOL & Foreign Languages (grad seminar)

He also teaches courses for the MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the University of Nicaragua at León (UNAN–León).


Former Associate Director, Women’s & Gender Studies
Former Chair, UNO Safe Space and Ally Training

For many years, Bramlett served as chair of the UNO Safe Space & Ally Training committees. Currently, he serves as co-advisor for Queers & Allies, a campus organization for those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning, as well as all our allies.  He has also served on dozens of committees at the department, college, and university levels.


Tracy Bridgeford*

Contact Information

Tracy Bridgeford Tracy Bridgeford


Office: ASH 189N
Phone: 402.554.3312

PhD Michigan Tech
MA North Dakota State University
BA University of North Dakota

Administrative Responsibilities

Graduate Program Chair
Interim Department Chair (Spring 2013)
Director, Technical Communication Graduate Certificate
Co-editor, Programmatic Perspectives
Information Officer (

Research & Publications


Sharing Our Intellectual Traces: Narratives from Program Administrators in Technical, Professional, and Scientific Communication (2014). Baywood.

(with Drs. Karla Kitalong and Bill Williamson)

"Establishing an Outcomes Statement for Technical Communication." In Sharing Our Intellectual Traces: Narratives from Program Administrators in Technical, Professional, and Scientific Communication (2014). Baywood. (with Dr. K. Alex Ilyasova)

Communities of practice: The shopfloor of human capitol. (2007). In Cynthia L. Selfe (Ed.), resources in technical communication: Outcomes and approaches (pp. 161-178). Amityville, NY: Baywood Publishing Company.

"Kairotically Speaking": Kairos and the Power of Identity. (2006). Kairos 11(1).


Innovative Approaches to Teaching Technical Communication
Co-editor, 2004

with Drs. Karla Kitalong and Dickie Selfe


Digital LIteracies
Technical Communication
Information Design
Technical Editing
Capstone Course in Technical Communication

Lisabeth Buchelt*

Contact Information

Lisabeth Buchelt Lisabeth Buchelt

Associate Professor

Office: ASH 189N
Phone: 402.554.2894

M.A., Ph.D. Boston College (British and Irish Medieval Studies), B.A. San Francisco State University (French Language and Literature)


Selected Publications

“A ‘Ghastly Fancy’:  The Picturesque and the Gothic in Carmilla as a Vampire Aesthetic.”  In Carmilla:  A Critical Edition, Kate Costello-Sullivan, ed.  (Syracuse:  Syracuse UP, 2013), 122-137.

“‘Delicate Fantasy’ and ‘Vulgar Reality’:  Undermining Romance and Complicating Identity in Bram Stoker’s The Snake’s Pass.” New Hibernia Review 16.1(2012), 113-133.
** Winner Roger McHugh Award for Outstanding Article of 2012 **

All About Eve: Memory and Re-Collection in Junius 11’s Epic Poems Genesis and Christ and Satan.” In Women and Medieval Epic, Sara Poor and Jana Schulman, eds. ( New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Forthcoming January 2007), 137-158.

"The Art of Dinnseanchas: Excavating the Storied Past of Place.” In Éire/Land. Exhibition catalogue for Éire/Land: Irish Landscape Painting at Boston College McMullen Museum of Art. ( Chicago: University of Chicago Press 2003), 115-120.

“Alchemical Thought in Yeats’s Later Plays: A Full Moon in March and The Resurrection.” In Cauda Pavonis: Studies in Hermeticism, (16:1, 1997): 1-9.

Research Areas

British and Irish Medieval Literature, Early Medieval Insular Gospel Manuscripts, Early Medieval Insular Apocrypha, Medieval Anglo-Saxon and Irish Manuscript Culture, Anglo-Norman Literature, Arthurian Literature, 19 th and Early 20 th Century British and Irish Medievalism.

Teaching Areas

Early British Survey, Chaucer, Medieval Celtic Literatures, Arthurian Literature, Anglo-Saxon Literature, Critical Theory.


Michael Carroll*

Contact Information


Associate Professor

Office: CB 123
Phone: 402.554.3458



Maggie Christensen*

Contact Information

Maggie Christensen Maggie Christensen

Acting Writing Program Administrator (2014-2015)

Office: ASH 192E
Phone: 402.554.2053



PhD University of Nebraska-Lincoln
MA University of Nebraska at Kearney
BA University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Research Areas

Rhetoric and Composition
Multimodal Composition/Digital Writing
Composition Pedagogy

Selected Publications


From the Heartland: Critical Reading and Writing at UNO. 2nd Edition. Co-edited with Tammie M. Kennedy. Plymouth, MI: Hayden-McNeil, 2014.


“‘Evocative Objects’: Re-imagining the Possibilities of Multimodal Composition.”Review of Jody Shipka’s CCCC 2013 workshop. Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy 18.1 (Fall 2013): 46-7.

“Forum on the Profession: Contingent Faculty” (with 7 other participants). Eds. Mike Palmquist and Sue Doe. College English 73.4 (March 2011): 409-27.

“Re-examining the ‘Coldly Objective’ Point-of-View in Chekhov’s ‘The Bet’ and ‘A Trifle from Life.’” in Anton Chekhov. (Bloom’s Modern Critical Views). Edited and with an Introduction by Harold Bloom. New York: Bloom’s Literary Criticism/Infobase P, 2009. (Originally appeared in Eureka Studies in Teaching Short Fiction 3.1 (Fall 2002): 56-63.)



First-Year Writing
Critical Approaches to Language Studies
Digital Literacies
Composition Theory and Pedagogy
College Writing Instruction



Robert Darcy*

Contact Information

Robert Darcy Robert Darcy

Associate Professor

Office: ASH 192D
Phone: 402.554.2638

PhD, MA University of Wisconsin-Madison
BA Yale University



“Marlowe and Marston’s Cursus.” Christopher Marlowe the Craftsman: Lives, Stage, and Page. Ed. Sarah K. Scott and M. L. Stapleton. Farnham: Ashgate, 2010. 149-58.

"Shakespeare's Empty Plot: The Epicenotaph in Timon of Athens," Renaissance Drama n.s. 33 (2004): 159-79.

"Freeing Daughters on Open Markets: The Incest Clause in The Merchant of Venice," in Money and the Age of Shakespeare, ed. Linda Woodbridge (New York: Palgrave, 2003): 189-200.

"'Under My Hands . . . a Double Duty': Printing and Pressing Marlowe's Hero and Leander," JEMCS (Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies) 2.2 (2002): 26-56.

Research Areas

Early Modern Literature and Culture
History of Ideas
Gender and Sexuality

Teaching Areas

Critical Theory
Sixteenth-Century Literature
Shakespeare's Contemporaries
Early British Survey
Critical Methods
First-Year Writing


Kristin Girten*

Contact Information

Kristin Girten Kristin Girten

Associate Professor

Office: ASH 189F
Phone: 402.554.2845

PhD, English, Rutgers University, 2006
MA, English, University of Colorado, 1999
BA, English (magna cum laude), Indiana University, 1995

UNO Features Dr. Girten on YouTube


"Unsexed Souls: Natural Philosophy as Transformation in Eliza Haywood’s Female Spectator," Eighteenth-Century Studies (Fall 2009)

"Mingling with Matter: Tactile Microscopy and the Philosophic Mind in Brobdingnag and Beyond," The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation 54.4 (Winter 2013). (Forthcoming)

“Charlotte Smith’s Tactile Poetics,” The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation. (Forthcoming)

Research Areas

Restoration, Eighteenth-Century, and Romantic Literature and Culture; History and Philosophy of Science; Women’s Literary History; Aesthetic Theory; Feminist Theory; Visual Studies; Embodied Rhetoric and Pedagogy.

Teaching Areas

Eighteenth-Century Literature, Romanticism, Literature and Science, Visual Literatures (comic books and film), Women’s and Gender Studies in Literature, British Comedy, Early British Survey, Critical Theory.

Tanushree Ghosh*

Contact Information

Tanushree Ghosh Tanushree Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Office: AS 189 H
Phone: 554-

BA, MA, and MPhil, University of Delhi
PhD, Syracuse University



"Gifting Pain: the Pleasures of Liberal Guilt in London, a Pilgrimage and Street Life in London." Forthcoming in Victorian Literature and Culture (2012).

Research and Teaching Areas

Victorian Literature and Culture
Visual Studies, Popular Culture
Postcolonial Studies




Ramon Guerra*

Contact Information

Ramon Guerra Ramon Guerra

Associate Professor

Office: ASH 189 E
Phone: 402.554.3323

PhD University of Nebraska-Lincoln
MA University of Nebraska-Lincoln
BA University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Research and Teaching Areas

Chicano/a Literature
Latino/a Literature
Twentieth and Twenty-first Century American Literature
Testimonio Literature


"Teaching 'Story' as a Component of Fiction in Cisneros's Caramelo." Eureka Studies in Teaching Short Fiction (Fall 2008).


Charles Johanningsmeier*

Contact Information

Charles Johanningsmeier Charles Johanningsmeier


Office: ASH 189H
Phone: 402.554.3319

Professor Johanningsmeier was the recent recipient of a Fulbright Senior Scholar award and taught for a full academic year in the Institute for American Studies at the University of Leipzig, in Germany. He is frequently consulted by scholars around the world for his expertise in how fictions published in both books and periodicals affected the attitudes and actions of American readers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He also has an abiding interest in helping improve English instruction in secondary schools, and thus he regularly makes guest appearances in local schools and teaches an Advanced Placement Summer Teacher Training Institute course in English Literature and Composition.

Select Publications

Fiction and the American Literary Marketplace

Fiction and the American Literary Marketplace: The Role of Newspaper Syndicates in America, 1860-1900

Cambridge University Press, 1997

Johanningsmeier, Charles. "The 1894 Syndicated Newspaper Appearances of The Red Badge of Courage." American Literary Realism 40.3 (2008): 226-247.

Johanningsmeier, Charles. "How American Readers Originally Experienced James’s ‘The Real Thing.’" The Henry James Review 27 (Winter 2006): 75-99.

Johanningsmeier, Charles. "Welcome Guests or Representatives of the ‘Mal-Odorous Class’? Periodicals and Their Readers in American Public Libraries, 1876-1914." Libraries and Culture 39 (2004): 260-292.

Johanningsmeier, Charles."The Devil, Capitalism, and Frank Norris: Defining the ‘Reading Field’ for Sunday Newspaper Fiction, 1870-1910." American Periodicals 14.1 (Spring 2004): 91-112.

Johanningsmeier, Charles."Unmasking Willa Cather's 'Mortal Enemy.'"Cather Studies 5 (2003): 237-272.

Johanningsmeier, Charles. "Subverting Readers' Assumptions and Expectations: Jewett's 'Tame Indians.'" American Literacy Realism 34 (2002): 233-250.

Johanningsmeier, Charles. "Sarah Orne Jewett and Mary E. Wilkins (Freeman): Two Shrewd Businesswomen in Search of New Markets." The New England Quarterly 70 (March 1997): 57-82.

Teaching Areas

American regionalist literature
Readers and American literary history
American immigrant literature
Multicultural Literature


Tammie Kennedy*

Contact Information

Tammie Kennedy

Associate Professor

Office: ASH 189G
Phone: 402.554.3367

PhD, MA University of Arizona
MS  Illinois State University
BS  Illinois State University

Administrative Responsibilities

Co-Editor, UNO Women’s Archive Project

Research Areas

Feminist Rhetorics
Memory Studies
Rhetoric and Film
Whiteness Studies
Writing Pedagogy
Creative Nonfiction—memoir, graphic memoir, lyrical essay

Recent Publications

“Mary Magdelene and the Politics of Public Memory: Interrogating The Da Vinci Code.Feminist Formations 24.2 (Aug. 2012).


Tammie Kennedy

Writing from the Heartland: Critical Reading and Writing at UNO (with Rachel Bash and Maggie Christensen). Hayden McNeil: Plymouth, MI. 2011.


Dead Babies Photo.” Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary NonFiction 36 (May 2011).

“Reading, Writing, and Thinking about Disability Issues” (with Tracey Menten). English Journal 100.2 (Nov.  2010): 61-67.

Re-membering White Privilege: Rhetorical Memory and Film.” Online Essay. Conference on College Composition and Communication Diversity Blog: Invited Guest Entry (July 2010).

“Enthymematical, Epistemic, and Emotional Silence(s) in the Rhetoric of Whiteness.” JAC 27. 1/2 (2007): 253-75.

“Loading Up the U-Haul: Traveling the Spaces Between Friends and Lovers.” Journal of Lesbian Studies 8 (Fall 2004): 45-55. Rpt. In Lesbian Ex-Lovers: The Really Long-Term Relationship. Ed. Jacqueline S. Weinstock and Esther D. Rothblum. Harrington Park P, 2005. 45-56.

“The Matter of Whiteness: Or, Why Whiteness Studies Is Important in Rhetoric and Composition Studies.” (with Joyce Irene Middleton and Krista Ratcliffe) Rhetoric Review 24.4 (2005): 359-73.

“(Re)Presenting Mary Magdalene: A Feminist Reading of The Last Temptation of Christ.” Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 9 (Spring 2005).

Teaching Areas

First-year writing
Composition Theory and Pedagogies
Rhetorical Theory and History
Rhetorics of Difference

Jody Keisner*

Contact Information

Jody Keisner Jody Keisner

Assistant Professor

Office: ASH 189 M
Phone: 402.554.3322

M.F.A., Western Michigan University, May, 2007
Creative Nonfiction
M.A., University of Nebraska at Omaha, May, 2004
B.A., Wayne State College, May, 1996

Current Teaching Areas

Form and Style in Creative Nonfiction, Autobiographical Reading and Writing, Modern Familiar Essay, Creative Nonfiction in Digital Environments, Research and Argument

Other Information

Jody Keisner's work has appeared in Brain Child, Literary Mama, SNReview, Women's Studies, Studies in the Humanities, Modern English Teacher, and elsewhere.

Lisa Knopp*

Contact Information

Lisa Knopp Lisa Knopp


Office: ASH 204 A
Phone: 402.554.3329

PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
M.A. Western Illinois University
B.A. Iowa Wesleyan College

Lisa Knopp is the author of five collections of essays (see below). Her most recent book, What the River Carries: Encounters with the Mississippi, Missouri, and Platte, is an informed and lyrical collection of interwoven essays, that explore the physical and cultural geography of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Platte, rivers Knopp has come to understand and cherish. At the same time, she contemplates how people experience landscape, identifying three primary roles of environmental perception: the insider, the outsider, and the outsider seeking to become an insider. Viewing the waterways through these approaches, she searches for knowledge and meaning.

Knopp’s creative nonfiction has appeared in numerous publications, including Missouri Review, Michigan Review, Gettysburg Review, Northwest Review, Cream City Review, Connecticut Review, Shenandoah, Creative Nonfiction, Prairie Schooner, Yoga Journal, Chicago Tribune, Shadowbox, and Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction. Six times, she’s received a Notable Essay citation from The Best American Essays series, and she is the past recipient of a fellowship from the Nebraska Arts Council. She has taught in the Masters of Fine Arts programs at the University of Southern Illinois-Carbondale and at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. For more information, please go to her website.


Interior Places

What the River Carries

University of Missouri Press, 2012





Interior Places

Interior Places

University of Nebraska Press, 2008





The Nature of Home

The Nature of Home

University of Nebraska Press, 2002





Flight of Dreams

Flight of Dreams: A Life in the Midwestern Landscape

University of Iowa Press, 1998




Field of Vision

Field of Vision

University of Iowa Press, 1996



Teaching Areas

Creative Nonficiton Courses:
Modern Familiar Essay
Narrative Nonfiction
Travel Writing
Experiments in Creative Nonfiction

Maria Knudtson

Contact Information

Maria Knudtson Maria Knudtson


Office: ASH 189S
Phone: 402.554.3320

MA Creighton University
BA Creighton University

Teaching Areas

General Literature
Technical Writing Across Disciplines

Marsha Kruger

Contact Information

Marsha Kruger Marsha Krugerr


Office: ASH 189C
Phone: 402.554.3103

MA University of Nebraska at Omaha
BA California State University—Long Beach


Teaching Areas

Women's Studies


Joan Latchaw*

Contact Information

Joan Latchaw Joan Latchaw

Associate Professor

Office: ASH 189Q | 402.554.3309

PhD University of Pittsburgh
MA University of Pittsburgh
MFA University of Pittsburgh
BS University of Minnesota


Research & Publications

The Dialogic Classroom

The Dialogic Classroom: Teachers Integrating Computers, Pedagogy, & Research

National Council Teachers of English, 1998



Teaching Areas

Computers and Composition
Cultural Studies


Matthew Marx

Contact Information

Matthew Marx Matthew Marx


Office: ASH 189V
Phone: 402.554.3102

MA University of Nebraska at Omaha
BA University of Nebraska at Omaha





Marx, Matthew. "Chelle," "Inside the life of a quiet dream," and "Tonight only, appearing in person." The Bulb 5 Apr. 2000.

Marx, Matthew. "The Lost" and "Palimpsest Lacunae." Red Penguin Sep. 2000.

Teaching Areas

Introduction to Literature
Short Story
Advanced Composition

Owen Mordaunt*

Contact Information

Owen Mordaunt Owen Mordaunt


Office: ASH 189P
Phone: 402.554.3324

PhD Indiana University
MS Indiana University
BA University of Botswana


Research Areas

Black literature
Socio- and Applied Linguistics

Teaching Areas

English as a Second Language
Introduction to Linguistics
Cross-Cultural Communication
Applied Linguistics; Sociolinguistcs
Black Short Story


David Peterson*

Contact Information

David Peterson

Associate Professor

Office: ASH 189X
Phone: 402.554.2635

 PhD and MA, University of Georgia; BA, St. Leo's College


Administrative Responsibilities

English Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Teaching and Research Interests

16th to 20th century American literatures and cultures, gay and lesbian studies, homophobic discourse studies, literatures and cultures of the American West, Irish Drama, Native American literatures, critical theory

Recent Publications

with Joan Latchaw. “Tragicomedy and Zikkaron in Mel Brooks’ To Be or Not to Be,” in Jews and Humor, ed. Leonard J. Greenspoon, West Lafayette: Purdue University Press, 2011. 195-210.

“New West or Old?: Men and Masculinity in Some Recent Fiction by Western American Men.” Western American Literature, 46.1 (2011): 75-88.

“Neoliberal Homophobia: Heteronormative Human Capital and the Exclusion of Queer Subject- Citizens,” Journal of Homosexuality, 18.6-7 (2011): 1-16.

“The ‘basis for a just, free, and stable society’: Institutional Homophobia and Governance at the Family Research Council,” Gender and Language, 4.2 (2011): 257-286.

“’Everthing built on that’”: Queering Western Space in Proulx’s “Brokeback Mountain,” in Queering Paradigms (Burkhard Scherer, ed.), Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010, 281-298.


Introduction to Genre Studies: Poetry, Drama, Film
Liteature of Western Civilization: The Ancient World
American Literature to 1865American Drama
Irish Drama
Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson
American Poetry to 1900
American Modernist Poetry
Contact & Conquest Narratives, 1400s-1650
Discovery & Travel Narratives, 1650-1800
American Frontier Narratives, 1790s-1920s
Seminar for Advanced Placement Teachers
Critical Approaches to Literature
Introduction to Literary Research
Advanced Composition

John Price*

Contact Information

John Price John T. Price


Office: AS 403
Phone: 402.554.3325

PhD University of Iowa
MFA University of Iowa
BA University of Iowa

Director of the English Department's Creative Nonfiction Writing program, Professor Price has authored three books of creative nonfiction, and edited a collection of tallgrass prairie nature writing.  A recipient of a prose fellowship from the NEA and other recognitions, his creative nonfiction has been published in many journals, magazines and anthologies, including Orion, Creative Nonfiction, The Christian Science Monitor, The Iowa Review, and Best Spiritual Writing 2000. To investigate more of Professor Price's work, go to

Research & Publications

Not Just Any Land


The Tallgrass Prairie Reader.

U. of Iowa Press, 2014.




Not Just Any Land


Daddy Long Legs: The Natural Education of a Father.

Shambhala Press, 2013




Not Just Any Land

Not Just Any Land: A Personal and Literary Journey into the American Grasslands.

Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2004.




Man Killed by Pheasant and Other Stories

Man Killed by Pheasant and Other Kinships: A Memoir

Da Capo Press, 2008.



Teaching Areas

Creative Nonfiction
American Literature
Great Plains Literature
Environmental Literature


Kathy Radosta

Contact Information

Kathy Radosta
Kathy Radosta

Associate Director of the Writing Center

Office: ASH 189B
Phone: 402.554.2637

MA University of Nebraska at Omaha


Teaching Areas/Other Responsibilities

Composition, English as a Second Language, general literature
Writing Center Graduate Consultant

Barbara Robins*

Contact Information

Barbara Robins
Barbara Robins

Associate Professor

Office: ASH 189L
Phone: 402.554.3326

PhD University of Oklahoma
MA New Mexico State University
BFA University of Montana


Research Areas

Contemporary Native American Literature
Visual Arts

Teaching Areas

Native American Literature
First-Year Writing
Southwestern Literature

Amber Rogers

Contact Information

Pamela Smith
Amber Rogers


Office: ASH 189A
Phone: 402.554.2182

MA, University of Nebraska at Omaha, May 2013
BS, University of Nebraska at Omaha, May 2008



Current Teaching Areas

Composition I and II, Hybrid Composition, and Short Story

Additional Information

Amber Rogers’ creative nonfiction has appeared in The Examined Life Journal. She is currently working on her first book-length collection, entitled Farsighted: A Dissembling. Her other areas of interest include composition pedagogy, creative nonfiction pedagogy, feminist theory, and disability theory. She will present her work of how the disability narrative can affect the first year writing classroom as part of a panel entitled “Pedagogical Risks for Student Investment: Constructing Agency through Voice in First-Year Writing,” at the 2015 Conference on College Composition and Communication.


Kim Schwab

Contact Information

Barbara RobinsKim Schwab


Office: ASH 189U
Phone: 402.554.3311

BA University of Nebraska at Lincoln, English and Classical Greek
MA University of Nebraska at Omaha, English


Teaching Interests

First Year Writing
Introduction to Literature
Creative Nonfiction and Autobiography


Pamela Smith*

Contact Information

Pamela Smith


Office: CB 109
Phone: 402.554.3463

Kyle Simonsen

Contact Information

Pamela Smith
Kyle Simonsen

Office: ASH189W
Phone: 402.554.2130
BA University of Nebraska at Omaha, English
MA University of Nebraska at Omaha, English



Teaching and Research Interests

First-year Composition, Creative Nonfiction, Composition and Creative Writing Theory and Pedagogy, Copyediting and Publishing




Bobby Vasquez

Contact Information

Bobby Vasquez Bobby Vasquez


Office: ASH 189 K
Phone: 402.554.4025




Teaching Areas

Composition and Literature

Other Teaching Appointments

Emeritus Faculty

John McKenna**

Contact Information

John McKenna John McKenna

Professor Emeritus

Office: ASH 189J
Phone: 402.554.3636

PhD Ohio University
BA Allegheny College


Research Areas

Contemporary American and British Literature
Creative Nonfiction
Keirsian Temperament Theory applied to Characters and Conflict in fiction and drama
Pedagogy and Principles of Effective Instruction in Writing Creative Nonfiction and Expository Prose (selected creative nonfiction by J. J. McKenna: "Three Easy Pieces: A Triptych on Time"
Poetry Writing (selected poems by J. J. McKenna: At the Japanese Gardens, Wind and Water, Descending from the Top of the World)

Teaching Areas

Contemporary Literature and Writing
Characters and Conflict: Applying Keirsian Temperament Theory to understand more clearly the true nature of Literary Characters and the origins of Conflict in fiction and drama
Creative Nonfiction and the Modern Familiar Essay
Tom Stoppard’s Plays and Film Scripts
Theodore Roethke’s Poetry, Zen, and Taoist Philosophies
Literary Research Methods

Rosalie Saltzman

Contact Information

Rosalie Saltzman

Assistant Professor and Director of UNO Honors Program

Office: ASH 105A
Phone: 402.554.2598

MA University of Iowa
BA University of Nebraska Omaha

Michael Skau**

Contact Information

Michael Skau Michael Skau

Professor Emeritus

Office: ASH I, Phone: 402.554.3636

PhD University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
MA University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
BA University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign



Selected Research & Publications

A Clown in the Grave

"A Clown in the Grave":
Complexities and Tensions in the Works of Gregory Corso

Awarded inclusion on Choice Outstanding Title List
Southern Illinois UP, 1999




Skau, Michael. "Constantly Risking Absurdity":
The Writings of Lawrence Ferlinghetti
. Troy,
NY: Whitston, 1989.

Skau, Michael. "Beat Generation." Dictionary
of Literary Themes and Motifs
. Ed. Jean-Charles
Seigneuret. New York: Greenwood, 1988. 162-69.

Skau, Michael. "The Central Verbal System:
The Prose of William S. Burroughs." Style 15.4
(Fall 1981): 401-14.

Skau, Michael. Me and God Poems. Omaha:
Brady Press, 1990.

Teaching Areas

20th-century American
English Literature
20th-century English Literature
Beat Generation Writers

Phil Smith*

Contact Information


Professor Emeritus

PhD University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Office: ASH 189J
Phone: 402-554-2635



Teaching and Service Areas

English Composition (all colligiate levels)
American Literature
Past Writing Program Adminstrator, Department of English