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Department of English

British/Irish/Anglophone Literature Concentration

The British/Irish/Anglophone concentration is the study of more than a thousand years’ worth of literature belonging to the British Isles, Ireland, and the former Commonwealths of the British Empire.  Students read, study, and interpret diverse literary texts in an effort to understand their own cultural moment through literary encounters with the past and present.

English Department faculty teaching in the area of British, Irish, and Anglophone Literature include David Boocker, Lisabeth Buchelt, Robert Darcy, and Kristin Girten. Contact information can be found at our faculty page.


Why British/Irish/Anglophone Literature

Contemporary America has inherited much of its culture and mode of expression from the literary traditions that predate and run parallel with the European colonization of the Americas. 

British/Irish/Anglophone Literature Courses

British/Irish/Anglophone Courses

2310 Introduction to English Literature I
2320 Introduction to English Literature II

3280 Irish Literature I
3400 Junior Topics in British/Irish/Anglophone Literature

4310 Middle English Literature
4320 Chaucer
4330 Sixteenth-Century Literature
4340 Shakespeare
4350 Shakespeare’s Contemporaries
4360 Seventeenth-Century Literature
4370 Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature
4380 Eighteenth Century English Novel
4390 Medieval Celtic Literature
4410 Literature of the Romantic Period
4420 Literature of the Victorian Period
4430 Nineteenth Century English Novel
4460 Twentieth Century English Novel
4480 Twentieth Century English Literature

Core Requirements

7-9 Credits

The following specific courses are required of all students in the British/Irish/Anglophone Literature area of concentration:

2410 Critical Approaches to Literature
2310 or 2320 Introduction to English Literature
4990 Senior Paper or Project or 4800 Internship

Elective Requirements

30 Credits

These elective requirements make up the bulk of required credits, allowing students to concentrate in literature or explore other areas of coursework in the various other disciplines within the Department of English.

4 additional courses in British/Irish/Anglophone Literature (at least 3 at the 4000-level)
5 electives from any discipline in English (4 above the 1000-level and at least 2 above the 3000 level)

Senior Paper

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