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UNOmaha Endocrine BioServices Assay Laboratory
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The facilities and personnel at the Endocrine BioServices (EBS) Laboratory at the University of Nebraska at Omaha are dedicated to quality in research through biological sample processing for hormone analysis. Our expertise is founded on experience across many species, sample media, and years of lab and field work. The EBS director, Dr. Jeffrey A. French, has worked in the field of behavioral endocrinology for over 30 years and has published scholarly articles with an eclectic assortment of investigators and species.

Recently, the EBS was awarded a grant through the NU Foundation to expand the facility's capacity to serve more investigators in the rapidly growing field of endocrinology. These funds help to provide updated equipment and personnel in order to better serve the scientific community. Our past collaborations with diverse investigators both nationally and globally will make this transition to a core facility virtually seamless.

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