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Campus Safety Committee

Committee Charge:

The charge for the Campus Safety Committee is to implement an injury prevention plan at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. This will include:

  • Prioritizing, creating and reviewing specific safety policies
  • Reviewing and making recommendations for training, equipment and other improvements to reduce injury potential and meet regulatory standards
  • Bringing safety and health issues with multi-department impact for committee review
  • Reviewing injury/illness data and accident investigations
  • Reviewing and participating in safety audits
  • Actively participating on the committee to promote safety and health in each department and throughout the campus

UNO Safety Committee Membership

Joseph Price, Ed Quinn ASH
Larry Morgan KH, CUP
Ben Steiner CPACS
Fritz Laquer DSC
Drew Nielsen EAB
Stacy Hartwig HPER
Marc Gordon CL
Dave Nielsen MH
Brian Bollich MBSC
Bob Goeman RH
Ethan Anderson SFH
Adam Wick Scott Housing
Jennifer Walcott SPA
Steven Summers TAC
Trent Fredrikson MV/UV
Steven Williams WFA/SCS
Megan Essay WC