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Focus the Nation Summary of Events.


On January 31, 2008, UNO was one of over 1,700 universities across the nation to host Focus the Nation, a teach-in to raise awareness for global warming. Listed below are some of the useful information presented throughout the day:

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From Patrick Wheeler's presentation: "Why Care?"

Power Point Presentation: Click Here

Top 50 Things to do

Your Eco Footprint

NWF Personal Solutions

NWF Policy Solutions


From John Noble's presentation: "Transportation"

Power Point Presentation: Click Here

From Daniel Lawse's presentation: "Home/Dorm Energy Use"

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Exploring the symbiosis between nature and technology

Energy Federation Incorporated. Consumer Product Information

High Quality (Niagara) Low-flow Showerhead

From David Corbin's presentation: "Environmental Songs and Videos"
Cumulative Links and Videos

From Rich Lomneth's presentation: "Approaches to Solving Global Warming"
Power Point Presentation: Click Here