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Dual Enrollment Biology

Welcome Biology Teachers and Students!

Welcome to the Dual Enrollment Biology website. Our program supports and offers freshman level Biology I (BIOL 1450) and Biology II (BIOL 1750), and Environmental Biology (BIOL 1330) for high school students enrolled in corresponding Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Participating high schools have approved adjunct instructors that teach high school AP Biology/Environmental Science at the college level. This gives students in high school the opportunity to earn up to 10 college credit hours for AP Biology and/or 3 credit hours for AP Environmental Science through the Department of Biology at UNO. Listed below are further benefits for members of the Dual Enrollment program.

Heather D. Leas, M.S.
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Department of Biology
Allwine Hall 114I


Dual Enrollment Biology Program Benefits

  • Experiment outreach at UNO's Glacier Creek Preserve, on the UNO campus, and in your high school classroom
  • Reimbursement for substitute teacher and transportation expenses for Dual Enrollment Biology labs and field trips if invoices are submitted to the Biology Dual Enrollment Coordinator within 30 days of the event
  • AP Exam study session hosted by UNO
  • Dual Enrollment e-mail notifications and website updates for Dual Enrollment faculty and students
  • Annual Dual Enrollment professional development workshop for teachers to network with program administrators and fellow dual instructors, exchange ideas, and learn about current developments
  • Professor visits and guest lectures by request and availability
  • Tours of scientific laboratories in the Department of Biology at UNO
  • Case-by-case review for teacher scholarships relevant to completing required coursework to meet criteria for Department of Biology Dual Enrollment teacher approval


How Do You Become a Scientist?

There are many different career fields in science and many types of scientists. The video below features UNO Biology professors specializing in a variety of teaching and research interests.


UNO Biology Department Video