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Dual Enrolment Biology

Activities Offered for Dual Enrolled High Schools


Glacier Creek Preserve Grassland Ecology Lab (Fall semester primarily)

Students will study ecosystem interactions by investigating the effects of fire frequency and season on multiple biotic and abiotic grassland variables. Teachers may also use this opportunity to discuss other relevant topics such as successional stages and effects of disturbance on abundance and diversity of various grassland organisms. This field experience takes approximately 2-4 hours depending on number of students, individual interests, and time limitations.

DNA Fingerprint Analysis Lab (Late fall semester, spring semester)

Students will come to the UNO campus, where they will learn about the uniqueness of DNA while practicing pipetting skills, PCR techniques, electrophoresis, and additional methodology of DNA analysis. This lab simulates a real life example of forensics and illustrates the level of skill needed for molecular work. Participating instructors and students are invited to gain an in depth experience in our Molecular Biology Lab here at UNO. The on-campus activity takes approximately 4-6 hours depending on time constraints and additional activities. Pre-lab and post lab material are also included to enhance and expand understanding. If time permits, students will be given a tour of the UNO Biology Department, Criss Library, MSLC tutoring center, and have lunch provided in the Milo Bail Student Center. Alternatively, groups with significant time and/or travel constraints may choose to conduct this lab in their own school, in which case our Biology Dual Enrollment Coordinator will provide supplies, instruction, and guidance.

Request a Lab Date

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When submitting a field trip request, please allow a minimum of two weeks notice, indicate the number of students you wish to accommodate and the particular activity you are interested in, and provide at least two dates that work best with your schedule. Prairie field trips are primarily offered in the fall semester. On-campus DNA labs will be available in late fall and spring semesters, and are primarily offered on Mondays and Fridays.

Substitute teacher and transportation costs for field trips will be reimbursed if invoices are submitted to within 10 days of the event. Requests for use of Glacier Creek Preserve should include the completed request form. E-mail your requests to