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Dual Enrollment Biology

Dual Enrollment Biology - Information and FAQs

What does dual enrollment in biology mean?
Dual enrollment is a program where high school students enroll in AP Biology within their respective high school and can enroll in Biology I (BIOL 1450) and Biology II (BIOL 1750) as college coursework completed concurrently with their AP Biology class. Each of these 2 courses is 5 credit hours and costs $250.00. If the same student declines to enroll in 1450 and 1750 while taking AP biology and after high school chooses to take the class on campus as a UNO student, each course would cost approximately $1500.00 at the current tuition rate.

Are Biology 1450 and 1750 the same college courses offered at UNO through the department of biology?
Yes. We offer Biology 1450 and 1750 on campus, and these courses are integrated into biology degree curriculum as prerequisites for higher-level biology courses such as genetics, molecular biology of the cell, virology, microbiology, ecology and others. To view curricula coursework for a B.S. Biology degree click on this link Other degrees can be explored by clicking on this link

If I enroll as dual student will I receive the same grade in AP Biology and Biology 1450, 1750?
Yes. The grade you receive as a high school AP Biology student is the same grade recorded for Biology 1450, 1750. This becomes a permanent transcript record at the college level because you are officially a UNO college student when you enroll in the biology courses. This also means you can transfer the college credit hours to other universities, although they might take the credit hours as a natural science and not see them as Biology I, II in their programs. Please call your universities of choice to see how they view the courses. If you take the courses through UNO and enroll as a college student into UNO, these courses stand as Biology I (1450) and Biology II (1750).

What are the benefits of becoming a UNO student with the Dual Enrollment program?
As a UNO student you will have access to the Criss Library for research resources, free science tutoring through the Math-Science Learning Center, and resources within the Biology Department. These include opportunities to get involved in scientific research, volunteer for prairie burns, or shadowing a scientist for career direction.

What if I don't want to major in Biology? How does dual credit benefit me?
Regardless of the degree you choose to pursue, the credits you earn in Dual Enrollment Biology stand on your official UNO transcript. Many majors require at least one natural science with a lab, and BIOL 1450/1750 meet those requirements. The number of credits you earn will also contribute to your total credit hours completed, a minimum of which must be met to graduate. Thus, completing Dual Enrollment courses prior to graduating high school can benefit you whether or not you choose to pursue a career in Biology.

I plan to become a medical doctor, veterinarian, or scientist as a career someday. How does taking Biology I, II as a dual student help me?
In order to get into any medical or biological research, field biology is required coursework as an undergraduate. As a dual student you will be getting a "jump start" into the curriculum coursework of those careers. If you complete both courses with acceptable grades, you will graduate high school with 10 college credit hours of Biology. This will enable you to enroll in upper level Biology coursework earlier because you will have already completed foundational prerequisites before your first college semester. In addition, you may have the opportunity to become involved in research as a dual student with the potential to continue this research with a professor in our department as an undergraduate. Keep in mind that medical schools and graduate programs prefer students that have taken on research projects in a scientific field. Such activities promote building relationships with professors, from which you may gain valuable references to get into your program(s) of choice. Please browse our faculty biographies or video interviews to learn more about UNO Biology faculty.

Is there financial aid available to help me pay for Dual Enrollment courses?
The ACE (Access College Early) scholarship is need-based and is available for qualifying students. For more information and to apply, visit

If you have further questions or would like more information about the program, please contact Heather Leas.