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Dora Matache

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Current courses: Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

On sabbatical
Courses Fall 2001-present:
Calculus I (MATH 1950)
Calculus II (MATH 1960)
Introduction to Abstract Math (MATH 2230)
Differential Equations (MATH 2350/8505)
Introduction to Analysis (MATH 3230/8235)
Introduction to Computer Assisted Mathematics Research (MATH 3500/8970)
Applied Engineering Probability and Statistics (STAT 3800/8805)
Mathematical Analysis I (MATH 4230/8236)
Introduction to Probability and Statistics I (MATH 4740/8746)
Introduction to Probability and Statistics II (MATH 4750/8756)
Topics in Modeling: Topics in Discrete Dynamical Networks (MATH 4760/8766)
Dynamical Systems and Chaos (MATH 8400)
Independent study in Boolean networks
Independent study in random Boolean networks and nonlinear time series analysis
Independent study in Statistics

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