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Published papers:

(21) Kochi N., Helikar T., Allen L., Rogers J.A., Wang Z., and Matache M.T., Sensitivity analysis of biological Boolean networks using information fusion based on nonadditive set functions, BMC Systems Biology, 2014, 8:92. Journal link*

(20) Wohlgemuth J., Matache M.T., Small World Properties of Facebook Group Networks, Complex Systems, Volume 23, Issue 3, 2014, 197-225. PDF*

(19) Jansen K., Matache M.T., Phase transition of Boolean networks with partially nested canalizing functions, Eur. Phys. J. B 86 (2013) 86: 316. PDF; Journal link*

(18) Kochi N., Matache M.T., Mean-Field Boolean Network Model of a Signal Transduction Network , Biosystems, Volume 108, Issues 1-3, April-June 2012, Pages 14-27. PDF; DOI/Journal*

(17) A Multi-Agent Prediction Market Based on Boolean Network Evolution (with Janyl Jumadinova, and Prithviraj Dasgupta), Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology (WI-IAT), 171-179 PDF, IEEE conference publication site*

(16) When is the numerical range of a nilpotent matrix circular? (with V. Matache). Appl. Math. Comput. 216 (2010), no. 1, 269--275, PDF

(15) On the Sensitivity to Noise of a Boolean Function (with V. Matache). J. Math. Phys. 50 103512 (2009), PDF

(14) Dynamical Behavior and Influence of Stochastic Noise on Certain Generalized Boolean Networks (with Gary Beck). Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Volume 387, Issues 19-20, August 2008, Pages 4947-4958, PDF, DOI*

(13) A Spatial SIRS Boolean Network Model for the Spread of H5N1 Avian Influenza Virus among Poultry Farms (with A. Kasyanov, L. Kirkland). Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Computational Systems Biology, WCSB 2008, p. 73-76. PDF and WCSB08 proceedings

(12) Dynamics of Directed Boolean Networks under Generalized Elementary Cellular Automata Rules, with Power-Law Distributions and Popularity Assignment of Parent Nodes (with Ray Goodman). Complex Systems, Vol 17 (4), 2008, 357-379. PDF*

(11) The Stabilizing Effect of Noise on the Dynamics of a Boolean Network (with Chris Goodrich). Physica A 379 (2007), p. 334 - 356. PDF*

(10) Clinical Experience and Examination Performance: Is There a Correlation?, (coauthors: G. Beck, C. Riha, K. Kerber, F.A. McCurdy), Medical Education 41 (2007) 550-555. original word file. Definitive version at *

(9) Dynamics of Asynchronous Random Boolean Networks with Asynchrony Generated by Stochastic Processes, (coauthors: H. Geng, X. Deng), BioSystems 88 (2007), p. 16 - 34. PDF*

(8) Asynchronous Random Boolean Network Model with Variable Number of Parents based on Elementary Cellular Automata Rule 126, IJMPB, Vol. 20, 8 (30 March 2006), p. 897-923.PDF

(7) Operator Self-Similar Processes on Banach Spaces, JAMSA 2006 (2006), p. 1-18 (coauthor: V. Matache).PDF

(6) Asynchronous random Boolean network model based on elementary cellular automata rule 126, Physical Review E 71, 026232 (2005) (coauthor: J. Heidel) PDF

(5) Queuing Systems with Multiple FBM-Based Traffic Models, ANZIAM J., 46(2005), p. 361-377 (coauthor: V. Matache).PDF

(4) A Random Boolean Network Model Exhibiting Deterministic Chaos, Physical Review E 69 , 056214 (2004) (coauthor: Jack Heidel).PDF

(3) Hilbert Spaces Induced by Toeplitz Covariance Kernels, Stochastic Theory and Control, LNCIS(2002), Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, p. 319-333 (coauthor: V. Matache).PDF

(2) Queueing Systems with Fractional Brownian Motion - Based Input Traffic Models, Proceedings of the Southeastern Symposium on System Theory, Tallahassee, FL, March 2000, p. 254-264.

(1) Analysis and Modeling of ATM Traffic Data, Proceedings of American Control Conference, San Diego, CA, June 1999 (coauthors: Yi Chu, Tyrone E. Duncan, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Peter Zimmer).
Work in progress:
Determinative power of nodes in Boolean networks.

Logical Modeling of Spin-Glass Magnetism*.

Kerrigan Research Minigrant Students*:

Students working with me under the Kerrigan Research Minigrant Program at UNO.
  • 2004-2005: Humin Geng's project, Xutao Deng's project.
  • 2005-2006: Ray Goodman's project, Chris Goodrich's project
  • 2010-2011: Naomi Kochi's project, Janyl Jumadinova's project
  • 2011-2012: Jason Wohlgemuth's project, Rodney Tembo's project
  • 2012-2013: Amanda Ludes' project, Celeste Mott's project
  • Master of Arts theses under my guidance*:

    Gary Beck, Fall 2006: Dynamics of random Boolean networks governed by a generalization of rule 22 of elementary cellular automata (pdf)
    Beth Ball, Spring 2011: Dynamic Spread of Social Behavior in Boolean Networks (pdf)
    Jason Wohlgemuth, Summer 2012: Small World Properties of Facebook Group Networks (pdf)
    Kayse Jansen, Fall 2012: Phase transition of Boolean networks with partially nested canalizing functions (pdf)
    Amanda Ludes, Spring 2014: Phase transition of certain heterogeneous Boolean networks (for pdf please contact me - it is too large a file for web posting)

    PhD co-advising*:

    Janyl Jumadinova, Spring 2013: Aggregation of the Distributed, Heterogeneous Information using Market-based Techniques

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