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Disability Services

how to register & request accommodations.

Admitted students who have a disability are encouraged to register with Disability Services by following the steps listed below. Once eligibility is established and the student completes the registration process, he or she may be eligible for reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access to University programs and activities. Throughout the registration process, questions are expected and welcome. Inquiries may be directed to Meribeth Jackson, Disability Services Director.

Students who do not complete the registration process with Disability Services are not eligible to request disability-related accommodations.

Students who are not yet admitted to UNO may wish to review the UNO Admission Requirements and the Consideration for Undergraduate Admission on the Basis of Disability Procedure.

1. Start Early

To ensure that the necessary accommodations are in place when classes begin, students are strongly encouraged to begin the registration process listed here as early as possible. Three to four months in advance is ideal but requests can be made at any time.

2. Introduce Yourself by Phone or E-mail

Make contact with the Disability Services staff, by calling or sending an e-mail so that she can work with you during the registration process.The contact information is:

Disability Services
Phone (402) 554-2872
Fax (402) 554-6015

TTY (402) 554-3799

3. Provide Documentation of a Disability

UNO has established Documentation Guidelines to describe what information the university needs in order to make disability and accommodation determinations. Some students have this information readily available and others do not. Students who are unsure about what information to submit are strongly encouraged to talk with the Disability Services staff, about their specific disability before pursuing any new documents or reports.
PDF of Documentation Guidelines

If you are in high school or have recently graduated from high school, please submit your most recent Multidisciplinary Team Report (MDT) if it is available. IEP's and 504 Plans may also be helpful but may not contain all necessary information.

To submit documentation and complete an intake form please click here fill out "Self-Identification Form".

You can also fax or e-mail your documentation to Disability Services. Once your documentation is sent; please call to schedule an appointment.

Phone: 402-554-2872

Fax: 402-554-6015


4. Meet with the Staff

Call Disability Services to confirm that your documentation arrived and that it provides sufficient information. If so, make an appointment to meet with the staff to discuss accommodation requests and learn about departmental policies and procedures. After this meeting, the student will receive a letter confirming their registration and approved accommodations. If this letter is not received, the student is not yet registered and should contact the staff immediately.

5. Meet with Instructors to Discuss Accommodations

After instructors are notified of the approved accommodations by the Disability Services staff, the student should make an appointment to meet with each instructor individually. It is the student's responsibility to discuss their specific needs with each instructor sufficiently in advance. Some accommodations will require more notice than others, so consult with the Disability Services staff if you are unsure of the timeframe needed to meet a particular request. Textbooks and closed captioning are examples of accommodations that can sometimes take more than a month to provide. There are a few other accommodations that are only effective if even more notice is given.