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DigitalMeasures: UNO User's Guide
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is DigitalMeasures?
DigitalMeasures is the name of the company that has developed and supports the "ActivityInsight" product that UNO is currently using to collect information about faculty accomplishments and professional activities.

2. Once my information is in the system, how can the data be used?
The system is designed for an individual to enter items and for that information to be used in multiple ways. The most common expected uses for information in the system would include allowing faculty to generate their annual reports and RPT documentation. Furthermore, UNO is developing other uses that would allow the information to be displayed in a variety of ways to maximize its impact. The following examples are illustrative of the kinds of components that are in or will soon be in development that could capitalize on information contained in DigitalMeasures:
  • a searchable community engagement web site
  • a searchable portal or web site related to research and creative activity
  • the ability to feed the information on faculty web page bios (e.g., teaching, research interests, publications, etc.) directly from DigitalMeasures
  • specialized accreditation reports (e.g., AACSB, NCATE, ABET, etc.)
  • annual unit reports
  • program review reports

Please note that the information in the system is intended to be used for multiple purposes with a variety of potential audiences and should be considered public record. Therefore, anything that might be considered confidential, secure or private should not be entered into DigitalMeasures.

3. Who has access to the information in DigitalMeasures?
Faculty members have access to their own accounts as well as chairs/directors, selected administrators in Academic and Student Affairs, and other individuals within the appropriate deans' offices. As mentioned above, some units have also authorized administrative assistants and/or graduate students to enter items for faculty and they, too, will have access to certain accounts. For any specific information related to this, please contact the DigitalMeasures Campus Administrator, Daniel P. O'Dell at (402) 554-4008 or

4. Do I have to enter information myself?
Units across campus have chosen a variety of ways to ensure that items are entered into the system. Some units have asked faculty to enter items individually while others have relied on administrative assistants and graduate students to help. The system is structured in such a way that others can be given access to accounts to aid in the entering of information.

5. I can't find a category for 'xxxx.' How do I add a category?
The categories have been set by the software developers based on those most commonly requested by other colleges and universities. Please contact your chair/director if you would like another category added.

6. Can I attach documents to DigitalMeasures?
DigitalMeasures does support the uploading and storage of files related to certain categories. If you come across a category to which you would like to attach a document, but the option is not available, please contact the DigitalMeasures Campus Administrator, Daniel P. O'Dell at (402) 554-4008 or

7. Do I already have an account?
Maybe. Try logging in to DigitalMeasures. If you are having problems, you may need to have an account created, in which case case, please contact the DigitalMeasures Campus Administrator, Daniel P. O'Dell at (402) 554-4008 or

Chairs/directors and deans can also request accounts to be added for staff members, particularly those that are involved with research and creative activity and/or community engagement activities.

8. My password is not working in DigitalMeasures.
The password should be the same one used for Blackboard and Office 365 (Outlook) on the web.

9. What Web browsers will let me access DigitalMeasures?
DigitalMeasures is cross-compatible with most modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Internet Explorer for the Mac platform is not supported, however, as it has been discontinued by Microsoft. While Safari 2.0 and greater is supported, it does not support some of the "widgets" (PasteBoard, Rapid Reports) available in DigitalMeasures. These "widgets" are not necessary for navigating or using the system. Safari is currently the only supported browser that does not support this advanced functionality.

10. Who do I contact for more help?
Please contact the DigitalMeasures Campus Administrator, Daniel P. O'Dell at (402) 554-4008 or