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DigitalMeasures: UNO User's Guide
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Annual Reviews

To run a Faculty Annual Review Report:

  1. Go to

  2. Login to DigtalMeasures using your UNO NetID (e.g. jdoe) and password
    • Use the same ID and password you use for Blackboard and campus e-mail

  3. Supply the two words, which are case-sensitive, in the reCAPTCHA box
    • Be sure to put a space between the two words
    • If the words are difficult to decipher, click the (refresh) button for a new pair of words

  4. Click Run Custom Reports in the left column

  5. In Section 1, select "Annual Review, Goals and Objectives and Signature Forms" from the drop-down list

  6. *Click Select Report*

  7. In Section 2, set the start date to January 1, 20XX
    • Use the previous year
    • For example, if you are running the report in February, 2013 the start date should be January 1, 2012

  8. Set the end date to December 31, 20XX
    • Use the current year
    • For example, if you are running the report in February, 2013 the end date should be December 31, 2012

  9. In Section 3, select "Microsot Word" from the drop-down list

  10. In Section 4, select the appropriate paper size

  11. Click Build Report

  12. DigitalMeasures will then generate an annual review report in a Microsoft Word format. Save this file to your computer

  13. You may then edit the report file however you wish in Word
    • Please Note: We do not currently have the ability to include Course Evaluation data in the DigitalMeasures report. Until we do, Course Evaluation data will need to be entered in the final Word document

  14. Save the final Word file to your computer. This will be the file that you e-mail as an attachment to your department chair