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DigitalMeasures: UNO User's Guide
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Welcome to the DigitalMeasures User's Guide for UNO faculty. DigitalMeasures solutions manage information for higher education, making it more powerful and simplifying processes. The two web-based flagship solutions, ActivityInsight and CourseResponse, have been tailored for UNO's specific needs taking our information - and our campus - to the next level.

Digital Measures is cross-compatible with most modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Internet Explorer for the Mac platform is not supported, however, as it has been discontinued by Microsoft. While Safari 2.0 and greater is supported, it does not support the use of some of the extra functions of the system (PasteBoard, Rapid Reports), that can be accessed with tabs at the bottom of the screen.


ActivityInsight allows faculty to track teaching, research and service activities. It also allows for the easy generation of annual activity reports, reappointment, promotion and tenure reviews, accreditation, reports to external constituents, and more.

Annual faculty reviews and RPT are simplified by entering data once so vital information is easily accessible and ready to use again and again. Having the information in one place also enables UNO to demonstrate our campus' community engagement and research activities. Don't let your accomplishments fall through the cracks. By showcasing our faculty's great achievements, UNO will gain more value and prestige.

When state legislators, accreditors, regents or other campus administrators inquire about faculty activity in a particular area, UNO can quickly respond because all faculty information is stored and ready to report.

For a general video tutorial of the system, you can also visit:


UNO has already piloted the use of the CourseResponse instrument for distance education courses with great success. CourseResponse allows you to post course evaluations online, making the process easier and more cost effective. It's the perfect way to get evaluations to work harder for you.

Faculty can better use class time than administering evaluations during it. CourseResponse enables your students to spend quality time on their course evaluations outside of the classroom. Comments provided through online evaluations are far more thorough than that of paper-based class evaluations and can be tabulated in a central database. CourseResponse allows you to dig deeper to better understand the feedback.

Purchasing, distributing, collecting, aggregating and disseminating information not only costs money but also takes up valuable staff time. Because evaluations are done online and in real time, CourseResponse reduces costs and time.

As the use of the CourseResponse instrument expands, more information will be provided on this site.

Contact the DigitalMeasures Campus Administrator

If you are having problems or have any questions regarding the use of DigitalMeasures, please contact:

Daniel P. O'Dell
Web & Communications Coordinator
Decision Support Services
DigitalMeasures Campus Administrator

Office of Institutional Effectiveness
EAB 202