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Division of Continuing Studies

Organizational Studies

UNO’s Division of Continuing Studies offers the Bachelor of General Studies Degree with an area of concentration in organizational studies.

Recommended Courses: Econ 2200 Micro Economics
  ECON 2220 Macro Economics


Social Sciences:  
  PSYC 1010 Introduction to Psychology
Area of Concentration:  
9 hours of Business:  
  MGMT 3490 Management
  MGMT 3510 Human Resource Management
  MGMT 4010 Compensation and Benefits
9 hours Speech:  
  SPCH 2010 Interpersonal Communications
  SPCH 2400 Small Group Communication
  SPCH 3130 Speech in Business and Professions OR
  SPCH 3520 Interviewing
  SPCH 4170 Organizational Communication
6-9 hours Psychology:  
  PSYC 4610 Human Factors Engineering
  PSYC 4630 Organizational Psychology
  PSYC 4640 Personnel Psychology
3-6 hours from:  
  ECON 3150 Labor Economics
  ECON 3180 Collective Bargaining
  MGMT 4020 Seminar in Human Resource Management
  PSYC 3450 Social Psychology
  SPCH 4150 Communication Training and Development Skills
  SPCH 4180 Communication Leadership and Power in Organizations
  SPCH 4700 Interpersonal Conflict
  SPCH 4800 Conflict Mediation
  Statistics MATH 1530, PSYC 3130, BSAD 3160, SOC 2130
  Others courses in three main areas with advisor permission

Students who need secondary field may take further courses in these areas.

Career Information:
An area of focus in organizational studies is designed to teach business fundamentals, higher level leadership skills, and strengthen written and oral communication skills. It will also provide the necessary knowledge to pursue an advanced degree, if desired. Organizational studies students, depending on their particular coursework, may find careers in management, administration, human resources, public relations, marketing, customer services, and communications.

For more career information, check out U.S. Department of Labor - Management, Business & Finance or UNO Career Center.

Revised 08/07