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Division of Continuing Studies

Native American Studies

The Division of Continuing Studies offers the Bachelor of General Studies degree with an area of concentration in Native American Studies.

30 hours from the approved Native American Studies course list. A minimum of 9 credits must be upper division. No more than 9 credits will be accepted per department (with the exception of NAMS courses).

Required NAMS Courses (3 credits):

NAMS 1110

Introduction to Native American Studies

Remaining 27 credits from this list (no more than 9 hours from one department)

ANTH 3220

Peoples and Cultures of Native North America

ANTH 4220

North American Archeology

ANTH 4230

Ethnomedicines in America

ANTH 4260

Topics in Ethnology

ANTH 4920

Special Topics

  • Anthropology and Native American Film
  • Research Ethics: Indians and Anthropologists
  • Native Americans and Health
  • Seminar in Anthropological Problems

ENGL 2000

Topics: Language in the Minority (1 credit)

ENGL 2470

Native American Literature

ENGL 3100

Native American Literature: Major Figures

ENGL 4180

Major Movements in Contemporary Literature

ENGL 4940

Native American Literature: Advanced

ENGL 4960

Topics in Language and Literature

GERO 4690

Working with Minority Elderly (1 credit hour)

HIST 4400

History of North American Indians

HIST 4910

Special Topics

  • Great Plains Indians
  • The Sioux Tribe
  • American Indian Education
  • Native American Environmentalism
  • Federal Indian Law

NAMS 4900

Independent Study

NAMS 4920

Special Topics in Native American Studies

  • Asphalt Rez
  • Federal Indian Law
  • Tribal Government
  • Indian Child Welfare Act
  • Indian Gaming
  • Indian Boarding School

PSYC 4920

Topics in Psychology: Psychology of Native Women

RELI 3020

Native American Religions

RELI 3030


SOWK 4010

Social Work with Native Americans

SOWK 4040

Working with Minority Elderly (1 credit hour)

Public Administration is a recommended secondary field.

If interested in careers in nonprofit youth and human service organizations check out National Certification in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Requirements may be met through coursework in your core requirement. Please see an advisor for details.

Career Information:

An area of concentration in Native American studies covers the historical, political, economical, social, and cultural heritage of Native American peoples. Students have the opportunity to learn about literature, communication, history, arts, values, lifeways, spirituality, and social and political institutions, as well as the difference in perspectives between European-American and Native American cultures. Native American studies is a versatile major and will develop skills and understanding useful in many career disciplines. Native American studies students may find careers in journalism, anthropology, art, education, research, museums, public relations, law, criminal justice, civil rights, community and cultural affairs, politics, public health, human resources, business, sociology, psychology, and government or nonprofit organizations.

For more career information, check out College Board - American Indian Studies or UNO Career Center .