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Division of Continuing Studies


The Division of Continuing Studies offers the Bachelor of General Studies degree with an area of concentration in music.


30 hours from the department of music (MUS)

  • No less than 9 hours upper division

Additional Information:

National Certification in Nonprofit Management and Leadership is available. Requirements may be met through coursework in your core requirement. Please see an advisor for details.

Career Information:
An area of concentration in music teaches the history, technology, theory, analysis, composition, and performance of music. Students will be able to study with talented artist-faculty in brass, woodwind, percussion, string, keyboard, and/or voice. Students will gain understanding of music composition and theory. A concentration in music will also provide the necessary knowledge to pursue an advanced degree, if desired. Music students may find careers in education, performance, conducting, composition, music therapy, recording, production, journalism, or administration of music and art-related organizations/programs.

For more career information, check out U.S. Department of Labor - Musicians, Singers, & Related Workers, College Board - Music, or UNO Career Center.

Revised 08/07