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Division of Continuing Studies

Management Information Systems

Management Information Sciences

The Division of Continuing Studies offers the Bachelor of General Studies degree with an area of concentration in management information systems. This concentration is available online as well as on campus.

Requirement prerequisites:
CIST 1100 Introduction to Personal Computers OR 3 hrs
CIST 1300 (MATH 1310) Introduction to Web Development 3 hrs
CIST 1400 (CIST 1100 or CIST 1300 & MATH 1310) Introduction to Computer Programming 3 hrs
MATH 1930 (MATH 1320) Calculus for Mgr, Life & Social Sciences OR 3 hrs
MATH 1950 (MATH 1330 or MATH 1340) Calculus I 5 hrs
CIST 2100 Organizations, Applications and Technology 3 hrs
CSCI 1620 (CIST 1400 & MATH 1930 or MATH 1950) Introduction to Computer Science II 3 hrs
ISQA 3300 (CSCI 1620) File Structures for Information Systems 3 hrs
ISQA 3310 (CIST 2100) Managing the Database Environment 3 hrs
ISQA 3910 (CIST 2100 & CIST 2500) Project Management 3 hrs
ISQA 4110 (CIST 2100, ISQA 3310 & ISQA 4110) Information Systems Analysis 3 hrs
ISQA 4120 (ISQA 4110) System Design and Implementation 3 hrs
MATH 2030 (MATH 1930 or MATH 1950) Discrete Math OR 3 hrs
CSCI 2030 (CIST 1400 & MATH 1930 or MATH 1950) Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 3 hrs
  Additional Upper division from ISQA department 6 hrs
  One additional programming course from the following list:  
CSCI 1840 (CSCI 1620) Introduction to C Programming 3 hrs
CSCI 2510 (CSCI 1620) Introduction to Game Programming 3 hrs
CSCI 2840 (CSCI 1840) C++ & Object Oriented Programming 3 hrs
CSCI 2850 (CSCI 1620 or CSCI 1840) Programming on the Internet 3 hrs
CSCI 3830 (CSCI 1620 & CSCI 2830) Advanced Java Programming 3 hrs
CSCI 3710 (CSCI 3320) Computer Organization and Architecture 3 hrs

Additional information:

CIST 1400 and CSCI 1620 are recommended to be taken back to back.  ISQA 4110 Information Systems Analysis is offered only in the fall and summer semesters. ISQA 4120 Systems Design and Implementation is offered only in the spring and summer semesters. ISQA Information Systems internship is possible.

Career Information:
An area of concentration in management information systems (MIS) encompasses the development, implementation and management of computers, communications, and data for organization-wide systems as well as departmental and individual technology systems. It prepares students for the responsibility of acquiring new information technology and incorporating it in the organization’s strategy, planning, and practices. The program will also provide the necessary knowledge to pursue an advanced degree, if desired. Students with a degree in MIS often find careers in business data processing, information management, software development and maintenance, information centers, systems analysis and design, distributed systems, network management, systems simulation, IT project management, and other related areas.

For more career information, check out UNO ISQA Career Links or UNO Career Center.

Revised Fall 2012