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Division of Continuing Studies


The Division of Continuing Studies offers the Bachelor of General Studies degree with an area of concentration in history.


30 hours from the department of history (HIST)

  • No less than 9 hours upper division from UNO


HIST 1000/1010 World Civilizations I and II 6 hrs
HIST 1110/1120 American History Surveys 6 hrs
HIST 3930 Historical Research * 3 hrs

*This course teaches students how to do original research in history. It can be used as a third writing course. All students enrolling in HIST 3930 must have authorization from the chairperson of the history department. This is a demanding course and is recommended to those planning to attain a graduate degree in history or related fields.


An allied field of 1-9 hours from ONE of the following departments may be used as part of the 30 hours in the area of concentration:

  • Art History
  • Economics
  • English Literature
  • Geography
  • Literature in Foreign Language
  • Philosophy/Religion
  • Political Science
  • Sociology


No course from a two-year institution which is also offered as an upper division course at UNO can be used in the area of concentration.

Additional Information:

National Certification in Nonprofit Management and Leadership is available. Requirements may be met through coursework in your core requirement. Please see an advisor for details.

Career Information:
An area of concentration in history involves the study and research of major social, political, cultural, and economic events of the past and provides a perspective on events that have shaped the contemporary world. This concentration also allows students to tailor coursework to focus on a particular historical period or topic of interest simply by the courses selected. It will also provide the necessary knowledge to pursue an advanced degree, if desired. History is a versatile major and will develop skills and understanding useful in a variety of settings. There are several career opportunities available to students with a degree in history, including politics, law, think tanks, government or nonprofit organizations, education, research, museum administration or curator, business, and journalism.

For more career information, check out American Historical Association Careers for History Majors or UNO Career Center.

Revised 08/07