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Division of Continuing Studies


The Division of Continuing Studies offers the Bachelor of General Studies degree with an area of concentration in gerontology; in the process, students will also receive a Certificate in Gerontology from the gerontology department.


GERO 2000 Introduction to Gerontology 3 hrs
GERO 4460 Psychology of Adult Development and Aging 3 hrs
GERO 4670 Programs and Services 3 hrs
GERO Electives 18 hrs
GERO 4940 Practicum 3 hrs


An allied field of 1-9 credit hours from ONE of the following departments may be used as part of the 30 hours in the area of concentration:

  • Social Work
  • Public Administration
  • Nursing

Additional Information:

All students must also:

  • Be admitted to the Certificate in Gerontology program by submitting an application and contacting Gerontology Advisor Dr. Priscilla Quinn at 402-554-2114 or Dr. Julie Masters at 402-554-3953 for course selection information.

Career Information:
An area of concentration in gerontology prepares students to work with aging adults, healthy or ill, and their families. Gerontology students study the human aging process and the biological, behavioral, and social changes associated with aging, along with the services that assist in the aging process. It will also provide the necessary knowledge to pursue an advanced degree, if desired. Students with a degree in gerontology may find careers in healthcare, government administration, retirement communities, education, research, businesses, human services, counseling, public policy, and community centers.

For more career information, check out UNO Aging Resources or UNO Career Center.

Revised 03/11