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Division of Continuing Studies


The Division of Continuing Studies offers the Bachelor of General Studies degree with an area of concentration in English.


30 hours of English courses beyond ENGL 1160 or equivalent.

  • No less than 9 hours upper division


  • English 2410 or 2420 as the third writing course. Students who have already taken a third writing course may take English 2410 or 2420 in the area of concentration.
  • English 4990: Senior Paper or Project - Attached to an existing 4000-level English course in which a student is currently enrolled and normally added during the first six weeks of the academic semester, the Senior Paper or Project contracts a student to produce a culminating paper or project in an area of the English major. The paper or project produced in conjunction with this course will constitute a student’s most dedicated accomplishment at the end of her or his undergraduate career.  OR
  • ENGL 4790:  English Career Prep and ENGL 4800:  English Internship


An allied field of 1–9 credit hours may be taken in ONE of the following departments:

  • Black Studies
  • Communication (All)
  • Foreign Language
  • History
  • Library Science
  • Native American Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Theatre
  • Writers Workshop
  • Women's Studies

Additional information:

Students interested in graduate studies should contact the graduate adviser in the English department about selecting courses that will prepare the student for graduate school.

Career Information:
An area of concentration in English will give students a diverse background in literature, writing, culture, and communication. Students read, discuss, and write about the literature and culture of English-speaking people, while also learning about the history, structure, and use of the English language. English is a versatile major and will develop skills and understanding useful anywhere. It will also provide the necessary knowledge to pursue an advanced degree, if desired. English students may find careers in education, research, publishing, creative writing, public relations, journalism, advertising, law, business management, marketing, insurance, acting, and training.

For more career information, check out College Board - English or UNO Career Center.

Revised Fall 2013