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Division of Continuing Studies

Civic Leadership

The Division of Continuing Studies offers the Bachelor of General Studies degree with an area of concentration in Civic Leadership. Many of these courses are offered online. Please see your advisor for details.

Required (36 hours):

9 hours in Leadership/Management:  
PA 2000 Leadership and Administration  
MGMT 3490 Management  
Choose One    
     MGMT 4000 Social Entrepreneurship  
     MGMT 4090 Principles of Collaboration  
     HED 4950 Public Health Leadership and Advocacy  
6 hours in Communications:  
SPCH 2410 Small Group Communication and Leadership  
Choose One:    
     SPCH 4180 Communication Leadership and Power Organizations  
     SPCH 4560 Communication, Teamwork & Facilitation  
6 hours in Organizational Design:  
PA 4440 Organizational Development and Planned Change  
PA 4530 Strategic Planning  
9 hours in Political Awareness:  
PSCI 1100 Introduction to the American National Government  
PA 2170 Introduction to Public Administration  
Choose One:    
     PSCI 2110 Issues in American Politics  
     PSCI 3170 Interest Groups  
     PSCI 4040 The Legislative Process  
     PSCI 4170 Constitutional Law: Foundations  
     PA 4300 Public Policy  
3 hours in Ethics:  
PHIL 1020 Contemporary Problems in Moral Reasoning  
3 hours in Practicum:  
PA 4950 Internship/Practicum  

Update July 2011