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Division of Continuing Studies

Behavioral Health

The Division of Continuing Studies offers the Bachelor of General Studies degree with an area of concentration in behavioral health.

Required: Students are required to take 33-36 hours from the following. At least 9 hours must be upper division.

SOWK 1000 Social Work and Social Welfare 3 hours
SOWK 1500 Volunteer Experience (required if student does not have experience behavioral health field) 3 hours
PSYC 1010 Introduction to Psychology (prerequisite for other psychology courses) 3 hours
PSYC 2500 Lifespan Development (or COUN 4110) 3 hours
PSYC 4440 Abnormal Psychology 3 hours
HED 2070 Drug Awareness 3 hours
COUN 4300, 4310, & 4400
OR GERO 4980
Counseling Techniques (these are one credit each and all must be taken to equal 3 cr.) 3 hours
  Other Electives - Students must choose 15 credits from 2 of the 4 areas listed below 15 hours
Note: At least 9 of the Behavior Health credits need to be upper division from UNO  
PSYC 3520 Child Psychology  
PSYC 3540 Adolescent Psychology  
PSYC 4460 Psychology of Adult Development/Aging (cross-listed with GERO 4460)  
PSYC 4590 Psychology of Exceptional Children  
GERO 2000 Introduction to Gerontology  
GERO 3070 Death and Dying  
GERO 4350 Issues in Aging  
GERO 4590 Disorders of Communication with Older Adults
GERO 4690 Working with Minority Elderly  
PSYC 3410 Clinical Psychology  
PSYC 3430 Personality & Adjustment  
PSYC 3450 Social Psychology  
PSYC 4470 Mental Health & Aging  
SOC 4830 Sociology of Mental Illness (prerequisite: SOC 1010)
SPED 4010 Child Abuse & Neglect  
GERO 4850 Hospice & Other Service for Dying Patient/Family
GERO 4980 Counseling Skills in Gerontology  
 GERO 4940 Practicum in Gerontology  
   If taking GERO classes, ask your advisor about a Certificate in Gerontology 
 COUN 4510 Treatment Issues in Chemical Dependency (needs instructor permission)  
HED 1500 Foundations of Health Education  
HED 2310 Healthful Living  
HED 2850 Stress Management  
HED 3080 Health Concepts of Sexual Development  
HED 4130 Community Health  
HED 4550 Health Aspects of Aging  
HED 4950 Public Health Leadership & Advocacy  
HED 4960 Public Health Education: Planning and Organization
These are suggested for students planning to attend graduate school in areas of behavioral health.
PSYC 3130 Statistics  
PSYC 3140 Methods of Psychological Inquiry  
Notes: The Psychology lab pairs need to be considered if a student is considering graduate school in Psychology at UNO.


Revised 04/11