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Division of Continuing Studies

Aviation Studies

The Division of Continuing Studies offers the Bachelor of General Studies degree with an area of concentration in aviation studies.


AVN 1000 Introduction to Aviation 3 hrs
AVN 1040 History of Aviation and Aerospace 3 hrs
AVN 2020 or Airline Operations  
AVN 2050 Introducation to Airport Administration 3 hrs
Additional 21 credits in Aviaion (9 credits must be upper division from UNO):
AVN 1160 Aviaition Saftey 3 hrs
AVN 2510 Diversity in Aviation 3 hrs
AVN 3000 Business and Corporate Aviation 3 hrs
AVN 3040 Human Factors in Aviation 3 hrs
AVN 3600 International Aviation 3 hrs
AVN 4050 General Aviation Operations 3 hrs
AVN 4100 Aviation Marketing 3 hrs
AVN 3200 or 4200 Internship/Coop 3 hrs

Additional information:

Students may receive up to 21 credit hours for FAA flight certificates and ratings:

  • 12 hours may be used in secondary fields
  • 6 hours may be used in elective fields
  • 3 hours may be used in the Concentration

Note: these hours are not transferrable to the Bachelor of Science in Aviation degree.

For more information, contact the Division of Continuing Studies at 402-554-2370.

Revised 03/2014