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Division of Continuing Studies

Bachelor of General Studies Option II

General requirements -- 41 hours
Includes nine hours of English composition and writing, Intermediate Algebra or equivalent, three hours of public speaking, eight hours of natural and physical sciences (one course with a lab), nine hours of humanities and fine arts, and 9 hours of social and behavioral sciences.

Fundamental Academic Skills (15 hours)

  • English (9 hours)
  • Intermediate Algebra or Higher Math (3 hours)
  • Public Speaking (3 hours)

Distribution Requirements (26 hours)

Area of Emphasis #1 -- 15 hours

Area of Emphasis #2 -- 15 hours

Area of Emphasis #3 -- 15 hours

The 15 credit hours in each Area of Emphasis must be from the same discipline. Six hours in two of the Areas of Emphasis (12 total hours) must be upper division from UNO.

Electives -- 34 hours (minimum)

Total -- 120 hours (minimum)

Option II is available on campus, online and/or in a blended format. 

For more detailed information, refer to the UNO undergraduate catalog or call 402.554.2370 or schedule an appointment with an academic advisor. Appointments may also be scheduled online at