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Collaborating Commons Reservation Guidelines

To ensure smooth operations and optimal usage, please observe the following guidelines.

Reservations: To reserve any of the spaces in the Collaborating Commons, please contact:

Kevin Laurenti, Technical Assistant:, 402-554-4894

Building Access:  The Commons is available for campus use on weekends and late evenings; however, the CPACS building is locked on weekends (Saturday after 5 p.m. and all day on Sunday and holidays). It is also locked before 7 a.m. and after 10 p.m. on weekdays.  Weekend users of the Commons must arrange building access through Kevin Laurenti, CPACS Technology Center (402-554-4894).

Access to the Commons: For security purposes, we have installed prox card readers on the doors.  All of the rooms in the Commons (132, 132D and 132B) will be unlocked Monday thru Fridays from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.  However, at all other times (specifically, evenings and weekends), the Commons is locked.  All CPACS faculty/staff have prox card access to the commons via their MavCard.  Users who are not CPACS faculty/staff must make arrangements at least three days in advance with Kevin Laurenti, CPACS Technology Center (402-554-4894) to ensure access to the Commons during evenings/weekends.

Technology: All organizations planning on using the facility are required to make arrangements for equipment training on using the Common's technology by making an appointment in advance with Kevin Laurenti, CPACS Technology Center (402-554-4894). The Collaborating Commons has extensive technology available for all users, including an audio system, microphones, computer, laptop connections, document camera, DVD/VCR, Blu-Ray player and HD projector. Please refer to the CPACS Technology Center website ( for a complete list of equipment and resources available. Emergency equipment troubleshooting during events is available by stopping and asking in the CPACS Technology Center in CPACS 107. Please note that there is no technology support for events occurring after 5 p.m. or on weekends

Other Meeting Resources: The Commons have ample whiteboards for meeting use. Please use the whiteboard markers provided. Please do not use permanent markers on the boards. Writing pads are found on the walls throughout the room and extras are stored in the back kitchen area.

Wall Dividers:  The wall dividers for the Commons can only be moved with the use of a special crank device stored in the CPACS Dean's Office. Please see Dean's Office or Technology Center staff if walls need to be moved for an event.

Food and Beverages: UNO Food Services is the only allowable vendor for food or beverages served in the Collaborating Commons. Please call 402-554-2400 to make arrangements. All food/beverages must be intitally served out of the food serving room connected to 132D.

Room Set-up: As CPACS employs no staff to maintain the Collaborating Commons,  organizations using the space are responsible for arranging tables and chairs in a layout consistent with the purpose of their event.  The tables are designed to lock in place using the levers on the wheels. Extra tables and chairs can be stored in the back storage/food preparation area during events.

Room Clean-up: Organizations using the CPACS Commons are responsible for leaving the space the way they found it.  Regardless of how the room layout is modified during any event, CPACS requires that organizations return the tables and chairs back to the theater-style configuration. Please see our website for a sample of this configuration or the diagram stored on the lecterns in the room. This would include having chairs in place behind the tables.  If food or drink has been consumed during the event, please wipe down the tables using rags and cleaning solution that are stored in the cupboards in the back kitchen area.  If anything has been spilled on the floors, please notify the CPACS Dean’s Office immediately.  All trash, and in particular used paper items, should be placed in the garbage cans.  Additional plastic bags are stored in the cupboards in the back kitchen area.  Please call Food Services (402-554-2400) to retrieve any serving dishes or unconsumed food after the event.  Whiteboards should be wiped clean using only the erasers provided.  We encourage users of the Collaborating Commons to use the blue recycling cans to dispose of plastic, paper, and aluminum items. 

Once again, thank you for using the CPACS Collaborating Commons!  Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you with your event.

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