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Digital Screens

Three digital screens are located on the first and second floors of the CPACS Building to post CPACS-related events and information.  One of the first floor screens is available to post ads for limited campuswide events.

Ad Guidelines

• Deadline:  Ad must be received via an email attachment to with a description of what group is sponsoring the event, the dates the ad should run, and any other relevant information. Ads should be sent at least a week prior to them needing to be run; we make no guarantee that ads will be posted immediately upon receipt, if approved.

• Approval:  In order to be posted, ads must obtain approval. We reserve the right to refuse to post an ad. However, ads that are related to the following topics will most likely receive approval:

  • a CPACS-related event
  • a UNO event that is academically-related
  • a UNO event that is service-oriented
  • • Format:  Ad must be submitted in final form as either a PDF or image (.jpg or .png) attachment. In order to be displayed properly, the ad size has to be 1057 W x 967 H pixels, or something in relative scale. We reserve the right to modify or redesign your ad to get it to display properly on our digital boards.

    • Length:  Ad can't be any longer than one page

    • Removal:  Ad will be removed after the deadline indicated within the ad. If no deadline is indicated within the ad, please indicate within the email when the ad is to be removed. Ads will run no longer than one month. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

    Tips for enhancing the quality of Ads

  • Large primary graphic or picture
  • Large font for most important text
  • As little body copy as possible while still conveying information