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Nebraska Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program
Nebraska Certified Public Manager® Program

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The Nebraska Certified Public Manager® (CPM) program offers a comprehensive course of study which is designed to help public and non-profit managers acquire and apply best practices and theory to their leadership and management of people, processes, and organizations. The course of study is designed to educate participants on competencies that facilitate exceptional job performance and organizational success. The curriculum applies theory to practical problems facing the participant, their agency/department/organization, and citizens.

The courses in the CPM program are designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills that will help them perform more effectively and continuously improve in the following areas:

  • Personal and Organizational Integrity
  • Managing Work
  • Leading People
  • Developing Self
  • Systemic Integration
  • Public Service Focus
  • Change Leadership

Course Topics Include:

  • Knowing and Managing Yourself
  • Managing in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
  • Understanding and Using Public Policy
  • Managing for Results
  • Strategic Planning & Continuous Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Leading Teams
  • Managing Public and Nonprofit Finance
  • Law for Public and Nonprofit Managers
  • Communicating Effectively: Professional Communication and Getting the Most from Media Relations
  • Understanding Organizational Culture, Cultural Competence, and Managing Diversity
  • Understanding and Promoting Ethical Behavior Managing Information and Information Technology
  • Negotiation Skills

Structure of the Program

The Nebraska Certified Public Manager® Program (CPM) consists of an orientation, 17 courses, and a major project. Through a combination of online and on-campus sessions over a calendar year, professionals of all educational backgrounds gain the knowledge and skills they need to become stronger leaders, managers and supervisors who better understand work processes and know how to encourage innovation and new approaches to problem solving. The 2014 Nebraska CPM Omaha Course Descriptions includes dates, faculty instructors, and a description of each course.

The purpose of the major project is to allow participants to apply what they learn in the program to an important issue in their agency/organization. Projects have addressed a wide range of issues including: overcrowding in correctional facilities; housing needs in a small community; quality standards for contractors; spending priorities in a small city; merit pay; support for new businesses; and much more. Program course work in project management and managing for results is designed to support participants’ planning and implementation of their projects. In addition, each participant works with a mentor from the initial proposal of the project to the final report.

For more information, please contact Ellen Freeman-Wakefield or Rhonda Sheibal-Carver.