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Nebraska Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program
Nebraska Certified Public Manager® Program

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Thank you for making the decision to apply to the Nebraska Certified Public Manager® Program. Applications for the 2013 Omaha Cohort are due November 30, 2013. The 2014 cohort will begin in January 2014.

  Online Application PDF version

The Nebraska Certified Public Manager® Program has established an online application for your convenience. This is the preferred application method; however, you may instead print out and mail-in the PDF version of the application. In addition to this application please submit two letters of professional recommendation.


If your organization is going to sponsor you, this application will require contact information for your supervisor. A form for them to complete indicating their understanding of the program and requesting an electronic signature will be sent to their email address.

The Nebraska Certified Public Manager® Program application will require you to attach an essay addressing the following:

  1. Education: Please provide a summary of your educational and training experience. Include any licenses, degrees, and certifications and reference when and where they were earned.
  2. Work Experience: Please include years at your current organization and any previous job experience.
  3. Supervisory Experience: Please explain your past or present supervisory/managerial experience, if applicable. Include current job responsibilities, number of people you supervise, and any programs you have managed.
  4. Community Service/ Volunteer Experience: Please describe any volunteer work, including non-career work in nonprofit organizations, political or special interest groups.
  5. Why should you be selected to participate in the Nebraska Certified Public Manager® Program? Please reflect on your motivation for participation-describing what you hope to gain for yourself and your organization. Reference your career plans and identify how this professional development will impact your job performance and help your organization be more effective. Additionally, please include how you plan to adjust your current schedule to allow for the additional time necessary to be successful in the CPM Program.
  Online Application PDF version