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The Demographic Foundation of Education in the Great Plains - a presentation at the School Conslidation in the Great Plains 2013 Symposium. 4/6/2013

Nebraska Demographics: Trends and Implications - a presentation to the Peter Kiewit Foundation Board, 6/13/12

An Update on the Latest Census Data - a presentation to the Omaha Area Data Resources Committee, 12/7/11

Nebraska State and Local Population Trends - a presentation to the Nebraska Renaissance Project Annual Meeting, 11/4/11

Migration in Nebraska and Washington County - a presentation to a Fort Calhoun High School English Class, 10/18/11

Nebraska and Lancaster County's Demographic Trends - a presentation to the Kiwanis Club of Lincoln, 8/25/09 [powerpoint]

Conference and Training Workshop Handouts

23rd Annual Data users Conference - August 2012

22nd Annual Data Users Conference - August 2011

Census Data Workshop - March 2011

21st Annual Data Users Conference - August 2010

19th Annual Data Users Conference - August 2008

Press Releases and Conferences

12/14/11 - Migraton within Nebraska Improved for Douglas and Rural Counties: Suburban housing slowdown and improved farm economy likely key factors in the change

9/12/11 - Domestic Migration Improvements Widespread among Nebraska Counties: Recession leads to a net gain of residents from other states for many Nebraska counties

8/24/11 - Nebraska Net Domestic Migration Improving: Recession leads to net gain of residents from Arizona, Florida, and Georgia for first time in over 20 years

3/2/11 - Press Conference: 2010 Census: Nebraska Population More Concentrated, Minorities Drive Growth
     Summary of Nebraska Districting Data from the 2010 Census
     Nebraska County Census Populations with Changes and Percent Changes: 1980 to 2010 [table]
     Nebraska County Populations: 1860 to 2010 [table]
     Rankings of Nebraska County Percentage Change in Population: Last Three Decades [table]
     Comparison of 2010 Nebraska County Population to that in Highest Census Year [table]
     Census Data for Nebraska Unicameral Senat Districts for Post 2000 boundaries [table]
     Nebraska Incorporated Place Census Populations with Changes and Percent Changes: 1980 to 2010 [table]

12/21/10 - 2010 Census: Nebraska top 1.8 million population mark, retains current three seats in the U.S. House of Representatives

11/29/10 - Vital Statistics Indicate Changes in Nebraska Population

6/10/10 - Population Loss in Greater Nebraska Tied to Decrease in Children under 18

4/13/10 - Nebraska Census Participation Increasing Slowly, May Not Equal Level Achieved in 2000

4/6/10 - Nebraska Census Participation Good but Relative Ranking Slips

3/30/10 - Summary of 2010 Census Participation Rates for Nebraska Areas as of March 29, 2010

3/24/10 - County Population Estimates Detail Nebraska's Growth During the 2000s Decade

3/23/10 - Nebraskan's Participating Well in 2010 Census: Initial "real time" data shows the nation's top seven counties all in Nebraska

2/24/10 - Analysis of New Data Characterizes Nebraskans without Health Insurance

12/23/09 - Census: Nebraska Growing, Growth Rate Closest to U.S. Since 1961

Media Citations

CPAR is a leader in analyzing and disseminating Census data and other information. As such, many media outlets come to CPAR for quotes and storylines for articles they are working on. Included below are links to articles you may find interesting. We have no control over how long these stories remain on respective websites so occasionally links may not be active.

Fertility rate 11th highest in nation - Grand Island Independent, 9/20/2012

State’s median income increases - Grand Island Independent, 9/20/2012

Neb, IA fared better than most states - Associated Press, 9/20/2012

Rural Nebraska Getting Richer - Lincoln Journal Star, 9/20/2012

Census Breakdown – Fertility - Lincoln Journal Star, 9/20/2012

Region’s minorities hit hardest by recession - Omaha World-Herald, 9/20/2012

Census Poverty - NET radio, September 2012

Affordable Omaha: The dollar stretches further here - Omaha World-Herald, 7/4/11

Chamber effort highlights Omaha's young talent - Omaha World-Herald, 7/6/12

Shift in Douglas Co. population - Omaha World-Herald, 12/15/11

Minority Births Are New Majority: In Demographic Watershed for U.S., Newborns Among Non-Hispanic Whites Are Surpassed by Others - The Wall Street Journal, 5/17/12

Dawes County poverty highest in Nebraska - Chadron Record, 1/14/11

Recession Could Be Behind Rising Poverty Level in Lancaster County - 1011 News, 12/18/10

"Bedroom counties" top income - Omaha World-Herald, 12/15/10

Survey shows Hall County Trends - Grand Island Independent, 12.14/10

Recession slows state in 2009 - Columbus Telegram, 12/11/10

Births are rising, deaths are down in Dawson County, Lexington Clipper-Herald, 12/1/10

Nebraska's Brain Gain, Omaha World-Herald, 10/29/10

Neb. city votes to restrict illegal immigration, Associated Press, 6/22/10

Hall County shows strong growth in child population, Grand Island Independent, 6/10/10

Census shows fewer rural youths in Nebraska, Lincoln Journal Star, 6/10/10

Madison County, Norfolk micropolitan area show growth, Norfolk Daily News, 6/25/10

Census count key to maintaining political influence, McCook Daily Gazette, 6/25/10

State's urban areas growing, North Platte Telegraph, 6/25/10

Hall County population up more than 1,000 for second straight year, Grand Island Independent, 3/24/10

60 Neb. counties lost people, Omaha World-Herald, 3/23/10

Latest census totals show steady growth since 2000, Lincoln Journal Star, 3/23/10

Health coverage gap in Neb, Omaha World-Herald, 2/25/10

Nebraska uninsured rates highest among minorities, Business Week via Associated Press, 2/25/10

Study shows which Nebraskans most likely to be uninsured, Grand Island Independent, 2/25/10

Baby boom echo boosts population, Omaha World-Herald, 1/24/10

Nebraska's population growth matches national rate, Associated Press, 12/26/09

Nebraska, Iowa Growing, Omaha World-Herald. 12/24/09

Nebraska's population shows growth, Grand Island Independent, 12/23/09

Census update shows Nebraska on population roll, Lincoln Journal Star, 12/23/09

Report: Fewer leaving Nebraska for other states, Associated Press, 10/22/09

State losing fewer residents, Omaha World-Herald, 10/22/09

Census finds scientific evidence of the Midwestern work ethic, Lincoln Journal Star, 10/10/09

Today's stay-at-home moms, Omaha World-Herald, 10/4/09

S.D. incomes rise amid recession, Argus Leader, 9/23/09

Hall County is one of the few growing Great Plains counties, Grand Island Independent, 7/25/09

Census may mean loss of congressional seat in Nebraska, Grand Island Independent, 3/19/09

Recorded Interviews

9/21/12 - Poverty in Nebraska stays constant, while incomes rise. An interview on KVNO. New data from the United States Census Bureau paints two different pictures of economic health for Nebraska’s population. Listen to the interview.

12/14/10 - How much do houses cost in different areas of Nebraska, and how does that compare to other states? As Fred Knapp reports, those are among questions addressed in the latest Census figures. Listen to the interview.

11/29/10 - Nebraska natural increase best in 27 years. Births exceeded deaths among Nebraskans by the largest number more than a quarter century last year. Fred Knapp takes a look at what's going on. Listen to the interview.

8/11/08 -- Nebraska "baby boom" expected to continue several years. Nebraska's birth rate for 2006 was the highest in a quarter-century. Researchers in Omaha say that's due in part to the ripple effects of the Baby Boom. Interview of David Drozd by Sarah McCammon for NET Radio News. Listen to the interview.

8/7/08 -- Hispanic population continues to grow in Nebraska. Nebraska's Hispanic population continues to grow, even as most of the state's counties see their numbers decline. Interview of David Drozd by Sarah McCammon for NET Radio News. Listen to the interview.

11/1/07 -- Report charts state's population changes. Population loss in rural Nebraska is documented in a new report by University of Nebraska researchers. Interview of David Drozd by for NET Radio News. Listen to the interview.