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CPACS drives statewide research

Omaha World-Herald Editorial 4/30/2009

"For years, editorials here have explained in detail about the impressive ways that the University of Nebraska at Omaha is involved in programs around the state. This background is relevant to a debate in the Nebraska Legislature over a proposal from an Omaha lawmaker.

A bill introduced by State Senator Heath Mellow would provide grants of up to $10,000 to neighborhood associations and small communities for community improvement efforts. The grant efforts would be overseen by UNO's College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CPACS).

Senators will have to make a judgment on the value of the propoal and whether it would be worthwhile to redirect funds for this purpose. In any case, lawmakers should have no doubt about CPACS, which is nationally recognized for its offerings in public administration and social work. CPACS also has worked well with Omaha neighborhood associations.

As its record amply demonstrates, CPACS stands out for its capability and dedication in effective state-wide outreach. Senators should have every confidence that this is a first-class operation."

UNO's CPACS Outreach
Statewide Vision

Omaha World-Herald Editorial

We recently mentioned here that the University of Nebraska at Omaha does first-rate work through its College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CPACS), which came up during debate on a bill before the Legislature.

The various departments that make up CPACS recently released their annual report listing all of CPACS’ various projects. Here are several excellent examples of its outreach:

Some 213 Nebraskans participated in the 33rd Annual Nebraska Municipal Clerk Institute and Master Municipal Clerk Academy, held this year in North Platte. CPACS provides this important training of benefit to communities across the state.

The methamphetamine problem affects the entirety of the state. UNO’S School of Criminal Justice and Criminology has begun a project to help Nebraska communities, especially in rural areas, use telecommunications technology to facilitate the treatment of meth addicts.

The School of Public Administration supported the Nebraska Association of Counties Institute of Excellence, a yearlong, professional development program for elected and appointed county officials.

UNO is an important part of Omaha, but it also makes major contributions to the state as a whole. Nebraskans need to be aware of that.


cpacs degree programs.

The five academic units of CPACS offer a wide array of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs. They are listed below, along with links to Web sites for more information.

Division of Continuing Studies

Bachelor of General Studies (Omaha, Offut AFB, Online program)

School of Public Administration

Ph.D. in Public Administration
Master of Public Administration (Omaha, Lincoln, Online program)
Master of Science in Urban Studies
Graduate Certificate in Public Management
Bachelor of Science in Aviation
Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management

School of Social Work

Master of Social Work
Master of Social Work/Master of Public Administration (dual degree)
Master of Social Work/Master of Public Health (dual degree)
Master of Social Workd/Master of Science in Criminology
   and Criminal Justice
(dual degree)
Bachelor of Science in Social Work

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Doctorate in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science in Criminology and
   Criminal Justice
(Omaha, Lincoln)

Department of Gerontology

Doctoral Specialization in Gerontology
Master of Arts in Gerontology
Master of Arts in Social Gerontology/Juris Doctor (dual degree)
Master of Arts in Social Gerontology/Master of
   Legal Studies
(dual degree)
Graduate Certificate in Gerontology/Juris Doctor (dual program)
Certificate in Gerontology (undergraduate and graduate)


goodrich scholarship program.

The Goodrich Scholarship Program provides a college education--in the form of tuition and general fees towards a bachelor's degree--for Nebraska residents, who otherwise could not afford it, while offering them a broad and meaningful experience in general education.

uno honors program.

Visit the CPACS page on the UNO Honors Program Web site for guidelines on how to participate.

cpacs student grade appeal policy.

The following change has been made to the CPACS student grade appeal policy and is effective with the spring 2007 semester. The change is in bold.

Students who wish to appeal a grade which they feel was capriciously or prejudicially given shall first discuss the matter with the instructor within 30 days of the final course grade being posted. If the matter is not resolved, the student must meet with the department/school Chair/Director. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached the student must appeal, in writing, to the department/school curriculum committee. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, the student may submit a written appeal to the Office of the Dean within 20 working days of the exhaustion of the departmental procedures.

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