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College of Public Affairs and Community Service


CPACS Accomplishments 2013

Read this 2013 report to learn about CPACS' national ranking, awards, student achievements and other accomplishments and initiatives.



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The University's Answer to Urban Concerns: Overview of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service.

Featuring Robert Spire, David Hinton, and Wilda Stephenson

First aired September 21, 1983.


about cpacs.

The College of Public Affairs and Community Service comprises 8 units and several subunits. For more information about the degree programs and outreach programs of each unit click on the appropriate tab at the top of the page; or go directly to each unit's Web site by clicking on the unit name.

Division of Continuing Studies, CPACS Building 207, 402.554.2370

School of Public Administration, CPACS Building 111, 402.554.2625

  Urban Studies, CPACS Building 111, 402.554.3865

  Aviation Institute, CPACS Building 120, 402.554.3424

School of Social Work, CPACS Building 206, 402.554.2791

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, CPACS Building 218, 402.554.2610

 Lincoln campus program, 310 Nebraska Hall, 402.472.6758

Department of Gerontology, CPACS Building 211, 402.554.2272

Goodrich Scholarship Program, CPACS Building 123, 402.554.2274

The Center for Public Affairs Research, CPACS Building 108, 402.554.2134

William Brennen Institute for Labor Studies, PKCC 233, 402.595.2343


The mission of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service is to:

Foster a learning environment in which undergraduate students, graduate students, adult learners and both traditional and nontraditional students can gain a comprehensive and quality education helpful in preparing for careers in their respective fields;

Conduct research, especially as it relates to concerns of our local and statewide constituencies; and

Offer professional services to the community, including continuing education opportunities, designed to further personal, professional, organizational, and community improvement goals.


The vision of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service is to be a college whose programs are recognized nationally for their quality and their impact on instruction, research, and public service.

strategic plan.

The strategic plan for the College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CPACS) was developed in conjunction with the strategic planning processes of the university and the Office of Academic Affairs. CPACS' strategic plan was last updated in September 2005.

Thus the CPACS plan was built on the following three UNO goals:

Place students at the center of the educational enterprise,

Achieve academic excellence consistent with being a metropolitan university of high distinction considered among the nation’s premier state-supported institutions located in an urban setting, and;

Actively engage with the community.

In addition, the CPACS plan was built in recognition of the Division of Academic Affairs goals to guide institutional decisions and directions for the future. Other goals include enhancing student recruitment, academic retention and success, preparing students for civic and professional leadership and global citizenship, responding to the opportunities and challenges of technology, engaging with our community, and maximizing research activity and the national visibility of our students and faculty.

Finally, the college plan was built in recognition of its decentralized nature which emphasizes the importance of strategic planning and program autonomy at the unit level.

CPACS Strategic Plan, 2010-2011

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