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College of Education

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Interdisciplinary Studies

General Education | Professional Core | Elementary Major

This specialization is designed to provide additional content courses and professional expertise for the elementary classroom teacher.


Required Courses:

Course No.

Course Name




SPED 4710

Interactions Between Professionals


SPED 4810 Classroom Management 3    

Select one of the following:

MATH 1320

College Algebra


MATH 1530 Probability and Statistics


Select one of the following:
ENGL 2400 Advanced Writing 3    
ENGL 3980 Technical Writing 3    
TED 4610 Teaching Writing Throughout Curriculum 3    
Select one of the following:
CHEM 1010-1014 Chemistry in Environment and Society and Lab 4    
PHYS 1030 Physics of Life 3    
BIOL 1330 Environmental Biology 3    
BIOL 1730 Human Physiology 3    
GEOL 1010 Environmental Geology 3    
GEOL 1170 Physical Geology 4    
Other science courses may be acceptable - Check with Advisor
Required Course:
ECON 1200 Intro to U.S. Economy 3    
Select one of the following:
BLST A course from the Black Studies Department 3    
CLS 1010 Intro to Chicano/a Latino/a Studies 3    
NAMS 1100 Intro to Native American Studies 3    
WMST A course in Women's Studies


SPCH 4530 Intercultural Communication


  A Foreign Language Course