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College of Education


Welcome to LiveText

What is LiveText?

LiveText is a web-based application designed to
-  support students as they complete standards-based assessments and assignments
-  assist students track their growth and progress in regard to program outcomes
-  manage and track field experiences.

Why LiveText?

LiveText is
- standards-based
- crosses over multiple semesters
- allows students to store artifacts that can be used to create a portfolio
- makes UNO students competitive with peers across the country

Need help with LiveText?

- First, try the IDEAS Room.  The staff member are trained to answer user questions.
- Second, use the LiveText online support.  Videos and user guides (with screen shots are available it the "Help Center" of LiveText.
- Third, contact LiveText by email ( or phone (866-548-3839)


  1. FAQs for Students
  2. Dean's Letter to Students
  3. How to Log Field Experience Hours
  4. How to Submit an Assignment
  5. Undergraduate Student Registration Instructions


  1. Faculty Registration Instructions
  2. Creating a Rubric
  3. Assessing a Course Assignment
  4. Course-Level Rubric Reports
Account Issues - or call 866-LiveText or 866-548-3839

Visit the LiveText Help Center - LiveText offers a number of documents and videos that will answer questions specific to students or faculty.  Access the Help Center by logging into your LiveText account and clicking on the "Help" button located in the upper right corner of the LiveText screen.