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College of Education

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Graduate Committee is a standing committee chaired by the Associate Dean and made up of graduate program chairs: the senior, elected representatives on Committee A and B of the UNO Graduate Council; and two graduate students. The committee advises the Dean on issues related to graduate studies and makes recommendations to the faculty on graduate issues.

Committee Members:

2012-2013 Members

Dr. David Conway, Associate Dean, Chair
Dr. Paul Barnes, COUN, Graduate Program Chair
Dr. Kris Berg, HPER, Graduate Program Chair
Dr. Kay Keiser, EDAD, Graduate Program Chair
Dr. Wilma Kuhlman, TED, Graduate Program Chair
Dr. Tom Lorsbach, SPED, Graduate Program Chair
Dr. Jeanne Surface, EDAD Graduate Council, Committee B
Dr. Amy Teten, SPED Graduate Council, Committee A
Mr. Martin Hutfless, UNO TED Graduate Student
Ms. Laura Stoner, UNO COUN Student

Contact Info:

Dr. David Conway, Associate Dean
College of Education
Roskens Hall 211