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Dean's Student Advisory Committee consists of the presidents of the official student organizations/groups in the college. The committee meets with the Dean and provides input and advice regarding all issues impacting candidates in educator preparation programs.

2012-2013 Comittee Members

Jen Volkmer (Student Education Association of Nebraska)
Susan Vanhessche (Kappa Delta Pi)
Whitney Franklin (National Student Speech Language Hearing Association)
Cindy Raders (Student Council for Exceptional Children)
Candace Babutzke (Chi Sigma Iota)
Megan Moderow (Early Childhood Organization of Nebraska at Omaha)
Hollan Pile (Eta Sigma Gamma)
Katie Kittleson (Maverick Athletic Training Students)
Skyler Brooke (Alliance of Fitness Professionals)
David Alan Peters (Student Recreation and Leisure Society)
Alicia Gotschall (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development)
Alysha Collins (UNO Talking Hands)
Devin Bertelsen (Student Government)

Contact Info:

Dean’s Office

College of Education

Roskens Hall 211