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College of Education

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College of Education Administrators consists of the Dean, the Associate Dean, the Dean’s Administrative Assistant, the department chairs/school director, the Executive Director of MOEC, the Coordinator of Field Experiences, the Coordinator of Student Services, and the Coordinator of Technololgy,. The group provides the Dean with input and feedback on all academic and operational matters related to the college. This group is instrumental in implementing the policies, practices and visions that guide the college.

Committee Members:

2013-2014 Members

Dr. Nancy Edick (Dean), Chair

Dr. David Conway (Associate Dean)

Dr. Paul Barnes (COUN)

Dr. Daniel Blanke (HPER)

Dr. Richard Christie (MOEC)

Dr. Sarah Edwards (TED)

Dr. Bob Goeman (Technology)

Dr. Mike Messerole (HPER)

Christina Wilcoxen (Field Experiences)

Dr. Becky Schnabel (Student Services)

Dr. Kris Swain (SPED)

Ms. Marsha Vance (Administrative Assistant)

Contact Info:

Dean’s Office

College of Education

Roskens Hall 211