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College of Education

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Academic Standards and Policy Committee (AS&P) is a standing committee made up a faculty representative from each of the five departments/school within the College and an undergraduate candidate. The committee advises the Dean on policy matters and makes recommendations on academic issues for approval by vote of the entire faculty.

Committee Members:

2012-2013 Members

Dr. Richard Stacy, HPER (Year 1 of 2), Chair
Dr. William Austin, TED (Year 1 of 2)- Neal Grandgenett, Alternate
Dr. Abby Bjornsen, COUN (Year 1 of 2)
Dr. Jason Coleman, HPER (Year 1 of 2)
Dr. Julie Delkamiller, SPED (Year 2 of 2)
Dr. Peter Smith, EDAD (Year 1 of 2)
Ms. Maria Moraques, Undergraduate Student
Dr. David Conway, Associate Dean (EX OFFICIO)
Dr. Becky Schnabel, Office of Student Services (EX OFFICIO)

Contact Info:

Dr. David Conway, Associate Dean
College of Education
Roskens Hall 211

Committee Responsibilities:

As stated in the Bylaws of the college, AS&P Committee has the following functions/responsibilities:

(1) to review, when needed, the policies and procedures of the college and university which affect the students, faculty, and programs in the college and to recommend to the faculty and dean needed changes and/or new policies;

(2) to advise the dean concerning academic matters which require approval by the Board of Regents which include, but are not limited to the following:

(i) the creation, consolidation, or elimination of any department or school;

(ii) changes in the name of a degree or certificate program;

(iii) changes in the name of a department or school;

(iv) adoption or discontinuance of a curriculum leading to a degree, endorsement, and/or certificate; and

(v) rules and regulations relating to governance of the college;

(3) to report to the dean of the College of Education changes in all academic matters which do not require approval by the Board of Regents;

(4) to make recommendations to the dean concerning all certificate programs;

(5) to facilitate an evaluation of the dean of the College of Education, in accordance with Faculty Senate Resolution 1538 and guidelines issued by the vice chancellor for academic affairs;

(6) to recommend new undergraduate syllabi and programs to the faculty, identify activities in which the college should be involved, review existing programs, and propose needed changes to the faculty;

(7) to accept additional responsibilities or tasks as assigned by the dean in such matters as procedures and interpretation of policies and act as an advisory body to the dean upon request; and

(8) to facilitate any needed changes in the College of Education Constitution and Bylaws with all changes being subject to approval of the voting faculty of the College of Education, the chancellor, the president, and the Board of Regents.

Committee Membership:

Voting Members/Terms:

One tenure track faculty member from each academic unit to serve a two-year term. (Selected by the unit.)

One undergraduate, College of Education student appointed by the Dean based on nominations received from the Office of Student Services. Term: One year.

The chair shall be a faculty person elected by the committee from its membership. The department or school from which the chair is elected shall elect another faculty member to serve in the chair's vacated seat on the committee. The chair's replacement seat will be a one year term.

The chair of the committee shall represent no department or school and shall vote only in case of a tie.

Non-Voting (Ex-officio) Members:

Associate Dean, College of Education (Dean’s designee)

Coordinator, Office of Student Services (Dean’s designee)


The AS&P Committee meets once a month during the academic year.