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College of Education

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Counseling Department

Dr. Ann Ellen Luther
Assistant Professor

RH, 101 G
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Tel: (402) 554-3742
Fax: (402) 554-3684

EDD - University of Nebraska - Educational Administration - 2002

Teaching Interests:
School Counseling courses utilizing the ASCA school counselor model's positions and ethical guidelines as a foundation. Particular interest in relevant small group models.

School Climate and connection to the ASCA model mindsets
Counseling techniques and micro counseling skills with focus on application in intentional small group counseling.

Strengths-based and skill-building practices in coursework and applied by school counselors with K-12 students.

An ever evolving approach to course instruction to teach and evaluate the CACREP student standards, support the ASCA National Model, and provide excellent student / counselor educator interaction in the development of outstanding professional school counselors for the region.

Research / Creative Activity Interests:
The development of, professional development and research conducted on the Intentional Small Group Model to increase the effective and relevant implementation of K-12 small group counseling. The development of a prototype small group topic led to research on test anxiety and the potential of small groups as a means to address the gap between academic potential and test performance.

School culture and structure models and strategies, and the impacts on the School Climate and Student Engagement, Strength based and skill-building school counseling approaches that provide school counselors with the tools to support the ASCA Mindsets related to students' positive attitudes, self-efficacy, and skills to maximize learning to post-secondary options. The goal is to develop a very practical guide for school counselors to move from "what" to do to being equipped with the "how". There is a potential for connecting this research interest to professional development service with school counselors. Research on the counselor/principal relationship to increase collaboration and program implementation for student success.

A Reflective Writing process that leads to deep reflection for counseling candidates and practitioners and the integration with the counselor wellness model.

The evolution of the ePortfolio project at the University of Nebraska at Omaha with technology advances and the shift from an internal to external platform related to the benefits for student development and program evaluation.